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  2. Register Rover Pet
  3. Town ordinances no longer require a dog to be registered in the Town of Trophy Club. However, there is a value in having dogs registered in the database system. Why register your dog? Trophy Club utilizes a database where the information from your registration form is inputted. In just the last three months, the TCPD Animal Control Officer has successfully found a dog’s owner based on the description of the dog and the cross-street locations where the dog was found through a query in the database. The dog was registered but not wearing its tags. This database is very robust and it can be accessed from all police vehicle computers. The goal is to get your pets home as quickly as possible and registration can make a difference AND it’s FREE to Trophy Club Residents.
  4. Owner Information
  5. Pet Information
  6. (Copy of current rabies certification is required)
  7. Please provide a recent photo of your pet for our records.
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