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Open Record Requests - Police Request

  1. TC Police Dept Logo Navy- Color w Transparent Background

  2. I request the following information from the Town of Trophy Club. I understand that the information will be provided in accordance with the Public Information Act and that a fee may be charged for the information (payable upon receipt of information).

    We are able to fax up to three pages of requested information and email up to fifty pages of requested information only. Please provide your fax number or email address if you would like to receive your information via fax or email. All documents emailed are Adobe PDF files.

  3. Applicant Information

  4. Information requested under the Texas Open Records Act, Texas Government Code, Chapter 552: Please be specific with your request; i.e., name of person filing report; report number, if available; date; time; location of accident or incident or arrest or traffic stop. All requests for videos should contain the date and approximate time and location.

  5. Information Requested

  6. Copies will be $0.10 for each page after 10 pages. For 50 or more pages, the charge shall be $0.10 for each page plus personnel time charged at $15 per hour (nonstandard size copies are more). Copies of police videos are $10 per recording plus $1 per full minute of body worn camera video or audio footage responsive to the request for information. Traffic Accident/Crash Reports are $6.

    Per Texas Administrative Code, Office of the Attorney General; 1 TAC, Part 3, Chapter 10; Cost of Copies of Public Information.

    - Active records must exist; no compiling or creation will be made.
    - Information requiring extensive research will be charged $15 per hour.

    Please contact the Fire/EMS Department directly for copies of medical records.

    Note: This request form makes no guarantee that the information being requested will be subject to public inspection and the Town of Trophy Club reserves the right to assert any statutory exemption under the Open Records Act or any other applicable laws governing disclosure. This form does not apply if medical records are being sought.

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