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Smoke Alarm Request Form

  1. Smoke Alarm Request Form

    The Trophy Club Fire Department wants to assist our residents with maintaining working smoke alarms in their homes. Smoke alarms are a valuable tool designed to give occupants an early warning of a fire so they will have as much time as possible to exit their home safely.

    The Trophy Club Fire Department offers the installation of battery-operated smoke alarms for our residents. These smoke alarms are often purchased with donated funds from local businesses and civic groups to reach target populations including:

    * Homeowners over 55 years old

    * Homeowners with a disability

    * Homeowners who cannot afford smoke alarms

    For safety and liability purposes, fire department staff are not permitted to:

    * Replace hardwired smoke alarms that require a new adapter to be connected to the home's electrical wiring using wire nuts

    * Service, install, or replace smoke alarms that cannot be safely accessed using a maximum 8-foot step ladder

    We do not install smoke alarms in rental properties, however the State of Texas mandates that the property owner is required to install and maintain smoke alarms and our Fire Marshal’s Office will work with you to ensure your landlord is providing the minimum required fire safety equipment. 

    Please call 682-237-2947 if your landlord has not furnished your rental property with working smoke alarms.

  2. For statistical purposes, please check any that apply:
    • By completing and signing this application form, I accept full responsibility for the maintenance of the smoke alarms(s) installed for me by the Trophy Club Fire Department. I acknowledge that the smoke alarm is provided as a courtesy and I release the Town of Trophy Club, its employees, officers and elected officials from all liability related to the smoke alarm, its installation, operation, maintenance and care or lack thereof.

      I acknowledge that there are multiple types of smoke alarms on the market that use different sensors to detect different types of fire at different rates and that the smoke alarms provided to me by the Trophy Club Fire Department may not provide as fast of a response to a fire as other smoke alarms currently available.

      I acknowledge and understand that smoke alarms should be tested monthly and that the battery should be changed on an annual basis. The maintenance, testing and replacement of smoke alarm batteries are my responsibility.

      This release from liability is binding on me, my family, all of my heirs, successors and assigns.

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