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Fire Department Special Event/Public Education Request Form




    The Trophy Club Fire Department is committed to stay involved with our community and attend as many special events and public education opportunities as possible without interfering with our primary purpose of providing emergency response capabilities to the Town of Trophy Club.  To submit a request, please fill out the following form at least two weeks prior to your event date. The Trophy Club Fire Department remains on-call 24 hours a day and may be dispatched to an emergency call at any time, including before or during your event. In such cases, the fire department may not be able to notify the event organizer of any delays or cancellations. The Trophy Club Fire Department participation at an event is limited to two hours maximum. For the safety of your group, we request a minimum of one adult present for every 10 children visiting the fire station for a tour. 

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    I understand that submitting this form does not guarantee the participation of the Trophy Club Fire Department and that even when an event is approved, the Trophy Club Fire Department may have to cancel with or without notice, arrive late, or leave early due to staffing levels, call volume, or other emergencies.

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