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Recycle Bin Request

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    Scheduled recycle collection on Fridays only. Place all recyclables into blue, 18-gallon recycle bins; no presorting, bagging, or bundling is necessary. Recycling bins and lids are available for Trophy Club residents. To receive a recycle bin please fill out this form and a bin will be delivered to you. You must include your name, phone number and address.
    Please remember the following items are ACCEPTABLE recyclable materials:

    - All colors of glass
    - Aluminum cans
    - Cardboard and cereal boxes
    - Paper, newspaper, magazines, telephone books and junk mail
    - Plastic bottles and containers labeled 1,2,3,4,5 and 7
    - Tin and metal cans

    The following items are UNACCEPTABLE recyclable materials:

    - Aluminum Foil
    - Bubble Wrap
    - Car Tires
    - Ceramic
    - Disposable Diapers
    - Kitchen Waste
    - Mirrors
    - Paper and cardboard products that are wet or contaminated with food waste
    - Plastic Bags including Grocery Bags
    - Plate Glass
    - Styrofoam
    - Waxed Cartons
    - Wood
    - Yard Waste

    Many Grocery Stores including Albertsons, Kroger, Tom Thumb, and Wal-Mart provide recycling bins for plastic grocery bags.
    Overflow - If you typically have overflow, contact us to ask for an additional recycling bin.

    Windy Days - Please place recycle bin lid or heavier weight recyclable material on top of your recyclables to help keep recyclables in the bin.

    Rainy Days - Recyclables become contaminated (and must be thrown in the trash) if they get wet, so please use the recycle bin lid if rain is forecasted.
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