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Commemorative Veteran's Park Brick

  1. Comm Brick
  2. The Town of Trophy Club is offering a "limited quantity" opportunity to purchase a Personalized Commemorative Brick to honor your service, the service of a brother or sister, a family member, or a friend. These bricks are installed in the Circle of Honor at the base of the American Flag Pole, in the center of the Trophy Club Veteran’s Memorial. The Personalized Commemorative Bricks may also be placed along the edge of the walkway.

    Due to the generosity of the Trophy Club Women’s Club Memorial Committee, who donated the bricks, the Town of Trophy Club is able to offer these Personalized Commemorative Bricks for only the cost of the engraving, which is $45.00 per brick.

    The public will now be able to submit their form and purchase online through Civic Rec.
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