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Board & Commission Application

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  2. Please fill out a separate application for each Board and/or Commission position you wish to apply


    Applicants for Boards, Commissions, or Corporations must be United States Citizens and registered voters prior to their appointment and must also be Trophy Club residents for at least six (6) months prior to their appointment. Based upon good cause shown, Council may waive the voter registration and/or length of residency requirement for a person appointed to a Board, Commission, or Corporation, except where restricted by State law. Neither Town elected officials, nor persons appointed to fill vacancies on any elected Town governmental body may serve on a Town Board, Commission, or Corporation, per Town Charter. The technical expertise of applicants shall be a consideration in gaining an appointment.


    In order to understand and contribute to issues faced by the Planning and Zoning Commission, members must have a background knowledge of the governing Town Ordinances and some corollary experience. If you select Planning & Zoning Commission below, you will be prompted to answer a series of relative questions designed to help us identify skills that will be of benefit to the Commission. Please note proficiency in all of the areas is not required. You will be asked to rank your proficiency by placing a check mark in the column that best describes your experience level.

  5. **PLEASE NOTE - If you are applying for any other boards or commission positions other than the Planning & Zoning Commission, you will not be prompted with further questions.

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  8. Word or PDF documents Only.


    Notice to Applicants: Once submitted, information contained in and included with this application is considered public record and must be released if a request is made. According to Government Code Section 552.024 each employee or official of a governmental body and each former employee and official of a governmental body shall choose whether to allow public access to the information in the custody of the governmental body that relates to the person’s home address, home telephone number, and e-mail address. Each employee and official and each former employee and official shall state their choice to the Town Secretary’s office.

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