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Digital Marquee Request

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  2. About the Digital Marquees
    The Town of Trophy Club believes there are reasonable and desirable needs for public service notices from applicable entities serving residents and visitors of the Town of Trophy Club. The Town of Trophy Club wishes to provide visibility to those events and activities that not only enhance the resident and/or visitor experience but also play a role in implementing the Town’s mission and strategic goals.

    Digital Marquee usage shall be limited to approved uses as defined within the Digital Marquee Policy. The Digital Marquee Policy document applies to all entities and organizations in partnership and/or sponsorship with the Town who plan to request usage of the digital marquees located throughout Trophy Club.
  3. Entity Applicability*
    The Digital Marquees are for the use of all entities and organizations in partnership and/or sponsorship with the Town. Please select which applicable party this request is for:

  4. Content Guidelines*
    All content will be produced by Staff with the purpose of publicizing public events and activities that have a direct correlation to residents, tourism, visitors, school or the Trophy Club Municipal District No. 1. Only content relevant to residents and/or visitors on a broad scale, with no associated monetary gain, will be approved. Additional guidelines of content include, but are not limited to those defined below.

    A. Prohibited Content. Commercial advertising, political campaigning, religious programming, alcohol/vice-related content, and any material deemed offensive or inappropriate by the town.

    B. Public Service Announcements. Public service announcements for Town of Trophy Club departments and organizations that have a staff approved Special Event Agreement or are in partnership/ sponsorship with the Town are permitted with a “Marquee Request Information Form” for content placement.

    C. Those submissions meeting the content guidelines and quality control standards set forth by Communications & Marketing staff will be published at the discretion of the Communications & Marketing Division.

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