How much is admission?

Entry into the event is free for all. Kid activities will require a wristband that is free to residents and $10 for non-residents. Resident wristbands can be picked up starting June 16 at the Trophy Club Community Pool and on-site day of the event at the concession stand. Proof of residency is required in order to receive resident wristbands. Non-resident wristbands may be purchased the day of the event at the concession stand.

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1. How much is admission?
2. Where and how much is parking?
3. Where and how much is the shuttle?
4. Can I bring my own tent for shade to the event?
5. Where is handicapped parking?
6. How much are kid activities?
7. Are dogs allowed?
8. Are coolers allowed?
9. Where can we set up chairs and blankets?
10. Can I see the fireworks at other locations in Town?
11. What happens to things after the event?