What is a Driver Safety Course?

A Driver Safety Course is six hours in length and taught by a provider that has received approval from the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to offer instruction intended to improve a driver's knowledge, perception, and attitude about driving. If the Defendant successfully completes the course within a ninety day period and provides the Court will all specified items, the case will be dismissed.

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1. What is a Driver Safety Course?
2. What are the advantages of a Driver Safety Course?
3. Can a Driver Safety Course be taken for any violation?
4. What is required to apply for a Driver Safety Course?
5. How much will a Driver Safety Course cost?
6. Who is not eligible to take a Driver Safety Course?
7. Where can a Driving Safety Course be taken?
8. Where can a Specialized Driving Safety Seat Belt Course be taken?
9. What must be done once a Driver Safety Course is completed?
10. What happens if the Driver Safety Course is not completed or all specified items are not submitted as ordered?