Who is involved in the budget process?
  • The Residents - Trophy Club strives to be the best in service delivery. To monitor its progress in meeting residents’ needs, the Town endeavors to engage in a biennial Citizen Survey.  The survey results and analysis will provide the Town Council and Town staff with information that can be used to make sound, strategic decisions in a variety of areas, including service improvements and enhancements, measuring and tracking projects, budgeting, policy, and planning. 
  • The Town Council - Town Council holds a mid-year (January) annual retreat in which they review the feedback from residents in the Citizen Survey and use that information to outline a potential plan to set the direction for future projects in the next Fiscal Year.
  • The Town/Town Staff - The Town is responsible for creating a Proposed Budget for the next fiscal year. This is a joint effort between our finance staff, department heads, and employees to determine predicted revenue levels, discuss programs and priorities, and identify what will be required in the coming year. 
  • The Budget Sub-Committee- The Budget Sub-Committee comprises a group of three Town Council members. They are charged with reviewing the proposed budget, recommending the budget with all funds in balance, and recommending the not-to-exceed property tax rate to be approved by Council. 
    • It should be noted that the Budget Sub-Committee does NOT
      • Set staffing levels, salaries, benefits, or contracted terms
      • Decide whether or not a service or program should be provided
      • Make policy
  • The Trophy Club Town Council - The Trophy Club Town Council is ultimately responsible for finalizing the tax rate and adopting the budget. 
  • Community Members - Community members are encouraged to attend Public Meetings to provide questions and comments on the proposed budget. 

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