Has OneSource Communications been around for long?

OneSourceOneSource Communications launched in April 1998. However, in 2020, they were bought out by the leading telecom investment company Ubiquity Management. Ubiquity invests in, develops and manages digital communications infrastructure throughout the United States. Ubiquity partners with ISPs, wireless carriers, utilities, anUbiquityd municipalities to deliver connectivity and sustainability solutions in underserved communities. Ubiquity’s mission focuses on providing customer choice and spurring competition, both essential components of empowering communities for the future.

Ubiquity CompaniesThe following are the companies that are part of the Ubiquity Management Family which are helping to build the communications infrastructure for the future:

Netly designs, builds, and operates city-wide, open-access fiber optic systems to radically upgrade the internet infrastructure in select markets across the United States. Netly is a developer that builds “ready-for-light” fiber networks for any and all service providers. As a wholesaler, Netly focuses on building a best-in-class system to meet all communications needs for the next 50 years. Using a city-wide design, Netly constructs once and shares cost savings amongst all users.

OneSource Communications has been a leading provider of telephone, cable TV & Internet services since 1998. Located in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro, OneSource owns an extensive fiber optic network and associated network equipment that enables a variety of services to business and residential customers.

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1. Who is OneSouce Communications?
2. Has OneSource Communications been around for long?
3. Who is Ubiquity Management and why did they invest in OneSource Communications?
4. If we sign up on the website are we OBLIGATED to commit to service?
5. Will OneSource be installing their fiber service in other areas of Trophy Club that are not marked on the map?
6. Is OneSource Communications a good internet provider?
7. If my yard is distrubed or destroyed by OneSource during installation, will they repair the damage?
8. Where can I find more information about the project?
9. This construction is starting the week before the Super Bowl. What is the risk that our current Spectrum service will be disrupted and I'll miss the Super Bowl broadcast?
10. We live where there are no sidewalks. The utility easement is between our property and the golf course. Where will the fiber construction take place?
11. I noticed that where our home is located is not included in your plan’s service area (?) Can you tell me why that is?