What are Public Improvement District (PID) Assessments?

PID Assessments are payments made to cover the costs associated with improvements and services in the District. There are 2 types of assessments in The Town of Trophy Club Public Improvement District Number 1 (The Highlands at Trophy Club). 

  1. The first type of assessment is a fixed assessment that is allocated to each lot located within the District to pay for improvements that provide a special benefit to the properties within the District. 
  2. The second type of assessment is an annual emergency services assessment that pays the District's proportionate share of fire services to the District.

Below is a graphic that was created for 2023/2024 to help illustrate the breakdown of services and costs for the two different assessments within the PID. 

PID 2024

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1. What is a Public Improvement District (PID)?
2. What are Public Improvement District (PID) Assessments?
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