Where can I find resources for parents?
  • School Department - Phone: 512-463-8985
    Learn how and where to enroll your children in their new school district.
  • Child Care Aware - ChildCare Aware Website or Phone: 800-424-2246
    Child Care Aware, a free national child care resource and referral service, helps to identify and locate quality child care.
  • Children's Health Insurance - Insure Kids Now Website or Phone: 877-KIDS-NOW
    National toll-free number that provides information on children's eligibility to receive free or low-cost health insurance through the Insure Kids Now initiative.
  • Safety Commission - United States Consumer Product Safety Commission Website or U.S. Consumer Product Phone: 800-638-CPSC
    Call or log on for information on recalled toys and other children's products, or to report any unsafe products.

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1. What is required for someone to solicit door to door in Trophy Club?
2. Where can I find a schedule of upcoming events?
3. What sports are available in and around Trophy Club?
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6. What is the public school system for Trophy Club?
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13. Does the Town have an Early Warning System?
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16. Where is Trophy Club?
17. Where can I find resources for parents?
18. Where can I find resources for seniors?
19. How can I obtain my property tax information?
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21. Can I reserve a meeting room in Town Hall?