Where can we set up chairs and blankets?

Independence Park is the location for the event and will be the best place to view fireworks. This year the Fireworks will launch from Trophy Club’s Veterans Memorial so please keep that in mind when choosing your viewing spot. Please use our Best Viewing Locations Map (JPG) when choosing your spot. Sidewalks and ramps must remain clear. Please be courteous and reserve only the space you need.

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1. How much is admission?
2. Where and how much is parking?
3. Where and how much is the shuttle?
4. Can I bring my own tent for shade to the event?
5. Where is handicapped parking?
6. How much are kid activities?
7. Are dogs allowed?
8. Are coolers allowed?
9. Where can we set up chairs and blankets?
10. Can I see the fireworks at other locations in Town?
11. What happens to things after the event?
12. Where can I listen to the fireworks music?