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The original item was published from 3/5/2020 2:00:00 PM to 3/5/2020 2:00:50 PM.

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Posted on: May 8, 2019

[ARCHIVED] Town Marquee Upgrade and Repairs Near Completion!

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Trophy Club, TX - March 05, 2020 UPDATE: As we continue to work through programming on the new marquees, we will be spending the next 90 days (effective 03/05/2020) displaying town content only.  This 90-day trial will allow us to continue to troubleshoot technical programming issues before opening the requests up for groups approved within the policy. We apologize for the inconvenience!  We look forward to showcasing the many exciting town events and activities for our residents and guests on the new digital marquees. 

Trophy Club, Texas - March 03, 2020 UPDATE: After driving around during both the daylight and evening hours, staff has made the following schedule adjustments to the digital marquee brightness settings and time schedule. According to the installer, there is still some touch-up work to be done including stucco work/installation of vents/installation of logos/general clean up.  With good weather, they hope to be able to finish these things as soon as possible. 

Brightness/Dimming Schedule:

5:00 AM3%3%0%
6:00 AM5%5%3%
6:30 AM--5%
7:00 AM60%60%-
8:00 AM70%70%25%
9:00 AM--45%
10:00 AM--60%
4:00 PM--45%
5:00 PM60%60%25%
6:00 PM10%10%5%
7:00 PM--3%
7:30 PM5%5%0%
11:00 PM0%0%-

A few items to note:

  • The display on Trophy Wood has a significantly different schedule as it is the only location within a residential area. Adjustments were made that staff felt would be accommodating to the residents that surround this location.  
  • Though 5% seems low/dim, after viewing it live, it is a good brightness percentage where the screen is still perfectly viewable but the brightness shouldn’t be distracting to drivers at that time.  
  • Lastly, when daylight savings changes, we will make adjustments to the schedule to maximize the sunrise/sunset times.

Trophy Club, Texas - February 18, 2020 UPDATE: As we come closer to the completion of work on the digital marquees, staff has begun working with the installer on the programming controls of the new devices.  There have been some brightness issues we have been made aware of and so while we make adjustments and slowly bring the full features of the screens on line, the screens have been programmed to stop displaying during the evening hours with shut off taking place at 6:00 PM until programming is complete.  Staff will pick a date to be on site after hours with the contractor to make final adjustments to the brightness levels.  Thank you for your understanding and patience, we want these to operate as intended and make a positive impact on our community when they are complete. 

Trophy Club, Texas - February 17, 2020 UPDATE: All screens have been installed.  Monument stonework remains.  Weather permitting the stonework will be completed soon.  

Trophy Club, Texas - February 12, 2020 UPDATE: Installation of the Trophy Lake Drive display is near complete with technical programming work done.  Monument stonework remains.  Hopefully, with the weather potentially clearing for the next several days, that stonework work can be completed at that location.  

Trophy Club, Texas - February 10, 2020 UPDATE: Work continues on the repair of the digital marquees.  Installation of the Trophy Club Drive display is near complete with programming work being done to test the device.  Work on the Trophy Lake Drive monument was delayed due to an electronic conduit issue.  That issue is near resolved and progress is expected to continue.  Construction has yet to begin on the Trophy Wood Drive sign as the contractor is waiting on final cast stone pieces to arrive for install.  Sadly, the weather for the next week and a half is calling for some rain, so staff is anticipating that it will affect the progress!  Again, we know the delays are painful but do appreciate your patience.

Trophy Club, Texas - January 20, 2020 UPDATE: Repair work continues on the digital marquees in Town!  The work has begun but due to holidays and weather has taken a slight delay in estimated completion.   The work was scheduled to take approximately 4 weeks targeting Mid-January for the total completion date.  It will likely be completed in early February barring any unforeseen further weather delays. We apologize for this inconvenience! If you have questions, please contact Jill Lind at [email protected].

Trophy Club, Texas - December 18, 2019 UPDATE: Repair work has begun on the digital marquees in Town!  The work will take place consecutively beginning with Trophy Lake Drive, THEN Trophy Wood Drive, followed by Trophy Club Drive.  Trophy Wood Drive will be done second as the repair work is more substantial and extra time is needed for the precast to be completed.   A reminder that during the upgrade work, the screens will be off and remain off until they are fully functioning and programed.  We apologize for this inconvenience!  The work will take approximately 4 weeks targeting Mid-January for the total completion date.  If you have questions, please contact Jill Lind at [email protected].

TL Marquee - 12182019Trophy Club, Texas - December 05, 2019 UPDATE: Staff received news from the contractor working on the marquees that the new screens /parts have been delivered with the installation date set to begin around December 19, 2019.  The anticipated work will be done consecutively repairing and replacing the Trophy Wood Drive, Trophy Lake Drive, and Trophy Club Drive monuments and screen displays.  During the upgrade work, the screens will be off and remain off until they are fully functioning and programed.  We apologize for this inconvenience!  The work will take approximately 4 weeks targeting Mid-January for the total completion date.  If you have questions, please contact Jill Lind at [email protected].

Trophy Club, Texas - October 24, 2019: On September 06, 2019 the Digital Marquee located on Trophy Wood Drive was struck by a vehicle resulting in substantial sign damage.  Staff worked diligently to evaluate options available for recovery and repair. At the time of the accident, the new digital display screens had already been ordered and the timeline for updating and outfitting each marquee location was slated for Mid/Late November-December.  This is due to the screen order time and the extra time required by the vendor for delivery.  When this accident occurred, discussions were had about tearing the monument down, repairing it until the new outfitting took place or saving the cost all together to leave the monument as-is due to the fact that more work will ultimately be required when installation occurs in November-December.  

IMG_6205At this time, due to the extra costs to repair the site, the decision was made to leave the damaged sign as-is vs making repairs that will need to be altered in November- December.  Staff is waiting on the final masonry costs based on the damage as well as working through insurance companies to settle said damage costs.  We do apologize for the eyesore in the meantime, but remember, all three signs will be getting a much-needed facelift in the coming months and the wait will be well worth it!  

If you have questions, please contact Jill Lind at [email protected].

Trophy Club, TX - July 23, 2019 UPDATE: Town Council approved the purchase of new Digital Marquee screens and gave the green light to move forward with the project.  The estimated timeline for product delivery and installation per the vendor is mid/late August.  

Trophy Club, Texas - May 08, 2019: During the March 26, 2019, Town Council Meeting Workshop, Council and staff from the Administrative & Financial Services Department discussed and received direction regarding the future of the Town marquees.

The discussion met Trophy Club’s strategic priorities with the goal of providing high-value technology and information services as well as providing strong internal and external marketing and communications.

The current marquees were approved in August 2005 and constructed near the end of Feb 2006.  The purpose of installing the marquees was to provide an additional tool to communicate to residents on subjects such as Town, MUD, School, County, and Philanthropic community-related events and information that has a public benefit to it.

Several years later, during a March 2015 Town Council meeting, following multiple device issues and failures, the staff was given direction to remove the marquees.  No formal plan of action for the removal of the marquees was solidified therefore removal was not completed, and over the next several years the marquees remained with continued repairs. 

The marquees as they stand now have reached their end of life status according to the third-party specialist who assists with technical failures.  During the aforementioned Council meeting, staff received direction to research costs through affiliated service providers for technology solutions that will replace outdated equipment and digital screens. 

“Council feels there is value in not removing the marquees because they have received a lot of positive feedback from residents about their usefulness,” said JTC Clubonathan Phillips, Director of the Administrative & Financial Services Department.  “Though we hope residents are using our new website and social media channels as the primary source of town news, we understand the value of these marquees and want to follow Council’s wishes as expressed by our residents.”

Staff is currently collecting information and gathering estimates.  Once the information is collected including cost estimates and vendor selection, the team will update the Council at an upcoming meeting.  Until then, the marquees that have gone out will remain dark until the work is complete.  However, staff will continue programming information on the screens that are currently working

“Our hope is that the residents will understand and they continue to use our other media sources for receiving information,” said Jill Lind, Communications & Marketing Manager.  “We want these marquees repaired correctly and in the best way possible and that will take a little time to do.  But it will be worth it”.

If you are interested in submitting information for display on the marquees, it is subject to approval and must adhere to the guidelines set in, please.  To review these guidelines or submit information, CLICK HERE.

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