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Jan 04

Happy 2022!

Posted on January 4, 2022 at 12:19 PM by Jill Lind

“The Key to getting things done is connecting people. Often the right people are already in place, they just need to be energized, utilized, and encouraged to work together.” ~ Miles Atkins. 

As the New Year begins, we reflect on the tremendous good-will found throughout our community in 2021!! The thoughtfulness and compassion of so many in and around the Trophy Club area brought forth a successful finish to meeting the goals for the year. It cannot go without saying that many have given generously their time, talents and monetary gifts this year in a variety of ways, which brought opportunities for us to continue to connect as a community. From overcoming the frozen challenges of Snowmaggenon which brought neighbors together like never before; to the Christmas in the Park Celebration which created a glow of community Christmas spirit, including a very successful Touchdown for Toys! To all who planned, organized, participated in and attended….we thank you!!! 

For the 2022 year ahead, planning and maintenance will be a focus for several goals. The council continues to envision more opportunities development which are important to Trophy Club’s residents. Our council wants our families and residents to have options here to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities such as walking/hiking/biking, kayaking/canoeing, and parks and recreation. 

Throughout 2021, the council continued to seek opportunities for improved infrastructure. We will continue to take on this challenge and forge ahead by seeking opportunities and progress to help make improvements in our community.

“Creativity is just connecting things…connecting experiences to synthesize new things” ~ Steve Jobs. 

Thus, Town Council and I hope to continue to engage inspiration and talent and motivation that already exist within our community to make us stronger, better, and prosperous. We are excited to begin this New Year with you and are ready to take on the adventures that lie ahead. 

“A New Year….is like a new sunrise….of Hope, of Prosperity, of Happiness. It’s like a new beginning...of Thoughts, of Words, of Actions; It’s like a new day...of Energy, of Strength, of Ideas; It’s like a bunch of whole new things...of Prayers, of Friends, of Love!!” ~ Anonymous.

Mark this as a new start, a new journey! On behalf of the Town Council and staff family, we wish you and your family the most enjoyable adventurous year ahead!

Happy New Year!!!

Mayor Fleury Web 22

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Mayor Alicia Fleury