Mar 05, 2024 Election

Primary Election Info:

The March primary election is a crucial event in the democratic process where voters participate in selecting candidates for various political offices. It typically takes place in March and serves as a preliminary step for the general election later in the year. During the primary election, voters from different political parties choose their preferred candidates within their party for positions such as governor, senator, representative, and other public offices. The outcome of these primary elections determines which candidates will represent their respective parties in the general election, shaping the options available to voters in the broader political landscape. It is an essential part of the democratic system, allowing citizens to actively engage in the selection of candidates and influence the direction of government at local, state, and national levels.

Important dates:

Save these dates on your calendar for the upcoming election:

  • Last Day to Register to Vote:  FEBRUARY 05 - Ensure you're registered to make your voice count!
  • Mail Ballot Application Deadline: FEBRUARY 23 - If voting by mail, submit your application on time.
  • Early Voting Begins: FEBRUARY 20 - Beat the crowds and cast your vote early for the candidates you believe in!

  • Early Voting Ends: MARCH 01 - Last chance to participate in early voting. Make your mark before it's too late!

  • Election Day Voting: March 05 - Be sure to VOTE!
    • Denton County Voting Locations (Must vote at Precinct Location - Precinct Lookup - Sample Ballot
      • Republican Party- Trophy Club MUD, 100 Municipal Drive, Trophy Club
      • Democratic Party
        • Precinct 4210, Medlin Middle School, 601 Parkview Drive, Trophy Club
        • Precincts 4211/4212, Trophy Club Fire Department, 295 Trophy Club Drive
    • Tarrant County Vote Centers

More Information:

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