Community Pool Complex

PoolTrophy Club, TX (August 29, 2023) – Plans are currently underway for the expansion of the community pool by the Trophy Club Park Board and Town Council. The project has been divided into two distinct phases: Phase 1 is nearing its final stages of completion, while Phase 2 is currently under evaluation by the governing boards to determine its scope. The last details of the budget are being computed, and the intention is to commence construction in the near future.

The envisioned enhancements encompass the retention of the current kiddie pool, lap pool, and splash pad, alongside the incorporation of two new slides and an additional party room. This party room will serve a dual purpose – available for rental during the pool season for various gatherings and designed to offer residents the opportunity to rent it for intimate gatherings when the pool is closed.

The total budget for these improvements stands at $4 million, with Phase 1 accounting for $1.1 million and Phase 2 slated for an estimated $2.9 million. These funds are sourced from bond allocations.

The objective is to finalize Phase 2 before the initiation of the upcoming pool season.

As the construction progresses, applications will be accepted starting in January for positions such as lifeguards, pool managers, and cashiers. We eagerly anticipate a vibrant turnout next summer for a rejuvenated pool experience!

If you have any questions about the Community Pool project, please contact Ronnie Angel, Interim Director of Parks & Recreation at [email protected].


Trophy Club, TX (February 21, 2023) – Longtime residents are in for a surprise this summer when they return to the Trophy Club Community Pool Complex!

The TC swimming pool facility, located at 500 Parkview Drive, is being renovated for the first time, according to Tony Jaramillo, Director of Parks and Recreation. The complex was constructed in 2003, and the splash pad and parking lot expansion were added in 2011.

Phase 1 of the improvements are being made to the competition pool and splash pad. The pirate-themed splash pad features will be renovated, the interior restrooms will be updated, and the interior pump rooms will be renovated. Phase 1 is well underway and is scheduled to be completed before the pool season's opening day, May 27, 2023.  

Phase 2 is scheduled to begin after the pool closes its 2023 season and will be completed before the summer of 2024.

The kiddie pool will be converted to a plunge pool with a 30-foot-by-45-foot double-barrel slide tower that will flow into the new 3.5-foot-deep plunge pool. A shaded 40 ft x 30 ft pavilion will be added near the splash pad. A climate-controlled activity room with a covered porch and roll-up garage door will be added, which will be available for rentals year-round.

Jaramillo said the total cost of the improvements is $4 million, with Phase 1 having an estimated total cost of $1.1 million and Phase 2 with a planned cost of $2.8 million, which comes from bond funds. 

“It's an upgrade. A quality-of-life issue,” Jaramillo said. “The pool receives thousands of visitors every year. It's more like a water park. There are slides, a diving board, a lap pool, and a splash pad,” Jaramillo said.

While work on the pool complex has begun, Jaramillo said Trophy Club Parks & Recreation is now accepting applications for lifeguards, pool managers, and cashiers.

Admission is $4 per person, $25 for an individual season pass, $75 for a family pass for 5, $10 per additional family member, $20 resident guest pass, and $4 for a single-entry guest pass. 

*Below are renderings of the changes to the Trophy Club Community Pool Complex. These, as well as renovation specifics, are subject to change.

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If you have any questions, please contact the Trophy Club Parks & Recreation Department at (682) 237-2923.