Pickleball Courts

TROPHY CLUB, TX (January 24, 2024) - "We understand that many are eagerly anticipating new pickleball courts in Trophy Club. Town staff, working collaboratively with the Parks & Recreation Board and the Town Council, are actively reviewing potential locations that will meet the needs of pickleball players and the community. In the Town’s commitment to deliver high-quality facilities and services, staff will explore short-term solutions, including using existing tennis courts and potential partnerships. Staff will also collect information on previous site considerations, prepare and compare the benefits of those sites, and consider new site alternatives. 

These findings will be accompanied by a comprehensive cost analysis. This packet of information will be shared with the Parks & Recreation Board to prepare a recommendation to the Town Council. To ensure inclusivity and commitment involvement in the decision-making process, staff will be meeting with members of the tennis and pickleball community to gather input on the various options. Taking the time to carefully review and consider all options with the community, Parks & Recreation Board, and the Town Council will ensure that the upcoming construction of Pickleball courts enhances Trophy Club’s park system to the benefit of our residents.

We appreciate your understanding and patience during this process, recognizing that your support is crucial as we navigate these decisions together." - Chase Ellis, Director of Parks & Recreation.


TROPHY CLUB, TX (July 05, 2023) - We understand that many of you have been eagerly anticipating the new Pickleball Courts in our beloved Trophy Club community. However, we wanted to inform you that there has been a temporary delay in our plans. Through extensive discussions with our Town engineers, we have realized the importance of finding a location that better meets the needs of our Pickleball players.

Rest assured, we are committed to providing the best possible facilities for our community. In the near future, staff will present a more detailed report to Mayor Tiffany and Town Council. This report will outline our findings and propose alternative locations that will truly enhance the Pickleball experience for all.

We understand that this news may not be ideal, and we genuinely understand your disappointment. However, we hope you can appreciate our dedication to ensuring the construction of these courts is carried out in a manner that results in the best possible outcome for our players. By taking the time to find the most suitable option, we can create Pickleball Courts that will truly be a source of pride for our community.

Thank you for your understanding and patience during this process. We value your input and support as we work together to create a Pickleball facility that will bring joy and fulfillment to our dedicated players. Please know that we are fully committed to making this vision a reality, and we will keep you updated on any further developments.

Let's continue to foster a sense of togetherness and community as we strive to provide the finest Pickleball Courts for everyone to enjoy.


TROPHY CLUB, TX (March 31, 2023) - At the March 28th Town Council Meeting, Mayor Fleury and Council members approved plans to move forward with four dedicated pickleball courts. The four courts will be constructed at Harmony Park between the Bocceball Courts and the existing blended-lined Tennis/Pickleball Courts. 

The Harmony Park Courts have been shared between tennis players and pickleball players during the last several years; because the pickleball ball sport continues to be the fastest growing sport nationwide, Trophy Club’s pickleball community has significantly increased during the last couple of years. 

“I am extremely excited about the newest addition of the four dedicated pickleball courts in Trophy Club," said Director Tony Jaramillo. "Our pickleball community has proven how passionate they are for the sport, and I have no doubt this new amenity will be enjoyed by our existing pickleball players in addition to introducing new players to the sport.”

Four Dedicated Pickleball Courts Harmony Park

The estimated timeline for the project is approximately six-eight weeks once the final contract is signed with the vendor.  We will keep the community posted with updates as the work begins.

For questions about this initiative or other projects from the Parks & Recreation Department, please feel free to email [email protected].