2023 Guard Games

Guard Games

Trophy Club, TX (July 17, 2023) – On Friday, July 14, 2023, the North Texas Aquatics Association successfully hosted the highly anticipated 2023 North Texas Guard Games in Rowlett, Texas. The event brought together lifeguards from across the region for a thrilling display of skill and teamwork. 

Among the participants were the enthusiastic lifeguards from Trophy Club, who were attending and competing for the first time. Though they didn't secure a victory in the competition, our Trophy Club lifeguards showcased their dedication and spirit, making their mark in the competition. 

"Their positive attitude and willingness to take part in the events demonstrated their passion for the sport and the importance of camaraderie," stated Aquatic & Recreation Coordinator Tim Ready. "Despite not placing, we were happy to be a part of such an exciting event."

Below are some photos from the event! Please enjoy some of the highlights from the day! 


2023 Guard Game Highlights

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Trophy Club, TX (July 10, 2023) – On Friday, July 14, 2023, the North Texas Aquatics Association will host the highly anticipated 2023 North Texas Guard Games at Wetzone in Rowlett, Texas.

The primary objective of the North Texas Guard Games is to bring lifeguards from across the region together for a day of friendly competition, showcasing their skills, teamwork, and unique abilities. This event promises an enjoyable and spirited atmosphere as lifeguards vie for the prestigious title of "North Texas's Fastest" lifeguard and the ultimate bragging rights. Hundreds of Texas lifeguards will exhibit their life-saving expertise under the radiant morning sun, participating in various individual and team events.

Representing the Town of Trophy Club, a dedicated team of 5 of Trophy Club’s best lifeguards will demonstrate their proficiency in fitness events, lifeguarding skills events, knowledge events, and a relay race/obstacle course. An example of events that lifeguards might prepare for in the competition would include Scenario, Fitness, Scanning, First Aid, Passive CPR/AED, and a Spinal event. Participants can also enhance those skills and decision-making abilities, improving communities' confidence in their local lifeguards and aquatics programs.

The North Texas Guard Games is a competition for lifeguards in North Texas and surrounding areas, held each summer and hosted by a different city each year. The Guard Games draw an average of forty Lifeguard Teams and four Junior Lifeguard Teams from around the state, not limited to the North Texas area. The North Texas Guard Games is a preliminary event to the Texas State Championship Event, with the top three teams advancing to the state competition at the end of July.

"The Town of Trophy Club is home to an extraordinary group of lifeguards who diligently ensure the safety of swimmers at our community pool. Lifeguard competitions serve as an extension of our comprehensive training program, further enhancing the well-being of our community members," expressed Aquatic & Recreation Coordinator Tim Ready. "We are thrilled to partake in this event and strive to bring home a well-deserved trophy from the North Texas Guard Games."

Team Trophy Club Lifeguards include:

  • Kylie Gary- Team Captain
  • Brayden Lynch
  • Hudson Smith
  • Ruby Black
  • Robert Norton

The North Texas Aquatics Association, known for its knowledge, productivity, and cohesive approach, is committed to fostering education among the public and aquatic professionals through innovative programming, service, and management. Furthermore, the association diligently works to maintain the health and safety standards of various aquatics facilities within the region and across the state.

If you have any questions, please contact the Trophy Club Parks & Recreation Department at (682) 237-2900.