Prescription Medication Disposal

Over 600 million prescriptions go unused every year and if those medications are disposed of improperly, they can lead to addictions, water pollution, or even death. The Trophy Club Fire Department offers two free methods for citizens to dispose of the leftover prescription medications that they no longer need.


DisposeRx® is a single-use powder packet that can be added to a prescription medication bottle with water. The powder combines with the water to create a gel that encapsulates the medication and renders it unusable. Once the gel is formed, the prescription bottle can be safely disposed of with the rest of your garbage. You can pick up free packets of DisposeRx® powder from the lobby of the Trophy Club Fire Station at 295 Trophy Club Drive.

Here is some more information about the DisposeRx® powder packets:

Instructional Video

Dangers of Leftover Medication

DisposeRx Instructions

TakeAway Medication Recovery System™

The TakeAway Medication Recovery System is a pre-paid envelope that can be used to safely dispose of prescription medications. Simply place the original prescription bottle with the leftover medication in the envelope, seal the envelope, and drop the envelope off at the U.S. Post Office or U.S. Postal Service Drop Box. The envelope will be sent to a treatment facility where the envelope and the prescription medication will be incinerated.

The TakeAway pre-paid envelopes can also be picked up for free in the lobby of the Trophy Club Fire Station.

Here is some more information about the TakeAway Medication Recovery System including a short instructional video:

Link to TakeAway Medication Recovery System Website