ISO Rating

Effective March 01, 2021, Trophy Club homeowners and local business owners may qualify to receive a lower insurance renewal rate as a result of the ISO 1 rating score earned by the Trophy Club Fire Department.

The Town joins the top 1% of communities in the US for excellence in fire protection. Only 1 in 33 cities in Texas have received an ISO 1 rating.

"This is a citywide accomplishment," says Town Manager Wade Carroll. "It takes a collaborative effort between all town departments, partnership with the Trophy Club MUD, and support from our Town Council, to earn a perfect rating. I especially commend our staff for their dedication and commitment to provide the residents of Trophy Club superior property fire protection."

Approval Letter:

Download the PDF letter below and share it with your insurance company for potential savings on your insurance premiums.

What is an ISO rating?

"ISO" stands for the Insurance Services Office, a private corporation that evaluates industries for insurance rating purposes. For the fire service, the ISO uses the Public Protection Classification (PPC) program, in which the ISO conducts periodic audits of every fire department in the United States on a constantly rotating basis, usually about every 10 years.

An ISO rating may be used by insurance companies to predict and analyze risk when establishing insurance premiums. Approximately 46,000 fire departments around the country are evaluated and classified every 10 years by the Insurance Service Office (ISO). Departments receive a score from 1 to 10 based on a 100-point grading system.

In 2008, the Town of Trophy Club received a 74.33 ISO 2 rating. In 2021, the Town of Trophy Club increased the score to 95.62 earning a coveted ISO 1 rating. The improved score was in part due to the increase of firefighter minimum staffing from 4 per shift, to 5. In addition to the staffing improvement, newer fire apparatus, major improvements in personal protective equipment (PPE), increased departmental training, and automatic-aid agreements with surrounding communities. 

Since our 2008 rating, the Town of Trophy Club implemented the use of Squad 681 for EMS/Fire responses. This squad concept broadens our response in many areas, and improves the department's ability to respond to back-to-back emergency responses. The squad has greatly reduced the 20-to-25-minute delays experienced in the past when relying on mutual aid from other surrounding fire departments. 

Trophy Club residents and business owners are encouraged to share the new rating information with their insurance providers. For more information about the ISO 1 rating, please call the Trophy Club Fire Department at 682-237-2940. The Trophy Club Fire Department is committed to continuing its efforts to maintain the ISO 1 rating for years to come.