Rainout & Weather Closures

Get Up-To-Date Statues on our Parks

Find out if a Trophy Club Parks & Recreation athletic field or park is open, closed, or partially open due to inclement weather or ground conditions in real time! There are two ways for you to choose how to use the Rainout Line tool.

Option 1: Call the Rainout Line phone number

  1. Call 682-214-6024 and enter the extension for the park and/or field from below:
    • Trophy Club Park, press 1
    • Independence Park, press 2
    • Harmony Park, press 3
    • Lakeview Park, press 4
    • Freedom Dog Park, press 5

Option 2: View the Rainout Line Information on the internet

  1. Visit https://statusfy.com/6822146024.
  2. View athletic field or park statuses.
  3. Sign up for customized email or text messages for the leagues you play in and/or the parks of your choice.

LIVE Weather Snapshots

The Trophy Club Parks & Recreation department will close all fields when severe weather posses a threat to the safety of our guests. When lightning is detected with a 5-mile radius of a park or thunder is heard, the park will close all amenities for 30 minutes. Independence Park, Harmony Park, and the Community Pool are equipped with Outdoor Warning Systems (OWS) that will sound when inclement weather is detected (one, 10-second tone) and again when the 30-minute "All Clear" timer has expired after the weather has passes (three short tones).

Questions? Please email us at [email protected] or call the Parks Superintendent at (682)237-2924.