Smoke Alarm Safety

Smoke alarm in a room full of smokeSmoke alarms are a crucial part of a home fire escape plan. When there is a fire, smoke spreads quickly. Properly installed and maintained smoke alarms will alert occupants with an early warning when a fire occurs and give them as much time as possible to exit the home.

Smoke alarms should be installed inside every sleeping room, and in the hall adjacent to the sleeping rooms. You should also have at least one smoke alarm on each level of your home.

It is important to test your smoke alarms on a monthly basis and to replace the battery at least once per year to ensure they are working properly. Smoke alarms should be replaced after 10 years of service. 

If you need help installing, testing, or changing batteries in your smoke alarms, please complete this online form:

Smoke Alarm Request Form

More information from the National Fire Protection Association about smoke alarms.