Political Campaign Signs

Political-SignsDuring campaign season, the landscape blooms with a special kind of flower - the political sign. Unlike wildflowers which are welcome anywhere, putting campaign signs on public property is illegal. So before you plant that sign, learn the law and keep Trophy Club beautiful.

Candidates should be aware that the Texas Ethics Commission, the Texas Department of Transportation, and many municipalities and schools have rules and ordinances governing the placement of political signs on public property and public right-of-way.

The absence of information does not mean that a unit of government does not have rules in place. Candidates are also encouraged to be respectful of private property and receive written permission from landowners before erecting any political signs. Electioneering will be allowed consistent with state and local laws.

Political Campaign Signs vs. Free Speech Signs

Political Sign Example 2Political Sign. A temporary sign that promotes a political issue or a candidate or candidates for public office, including, without limitation, a sign of any political party, group, or idea that contains primarily a political message or other similar noncommercial speech.

Free Speech Sign ExampleFree Speech SignIt is hereby declared that the town wishes to allow speech and expression through the medium of signs so long as the town is protected against the proliferation of an unlimited number of signs and unnecessarily large signs that would substantially impinge upon the town's interests in privacy, aesthetics, safety and adversely impact the value of property owned by its residents.

01_encourage_yard_signTC Political Sign Ordnance Highlights

Duration. All political signs meeting the requirements of this article shall only be erected or maintained in a location allowed under this article for a maximum period of ninety (90) days before the signs must be removed as required by this article. Political signs shall be kept in good repair and proper state of preservation during the entire time that they are placed. Political signs advertising an event shall be removed ten (10) days following the date of the election. 

Medians/right-of-way/Highway 114. Except for political signs placed on the public right-of-way portion of either residentially or nonresidential zoned private real property with the permission of the property owner and meeting the requirements of subsection (d)(1) or (d)(2) below, as applicable, no political sign shall be erected or placed on town-owned or leased property, including without limitation, the median, and right-of-way. Town right-of-way includes the right-of-way within the town's corporate limits along state Highway 114

Nonresidential zoning. No political sign shall be erected or placed on private real property zoned for nonresidential use, including but not limited to vacant lots or tracts, unless the property owner or other person having custody or control over the property upon which such sign is placed or his or her authorized agent or representative has given written permission and such documentation is provided to the town secretary, or designee, at least one (1) business day prior to the placement of the sign on the property.

Residential zoning. No political sign shall be erected or placed on private real property zoned for residential use, including but not limited to property owned by a homeowners' association, unless the property owner has given verbal or written permission. Political signs for which permission has been authorized shall comply with all applicable requirements of this article. The property owner may remove and discard any such signs placed on the property without permission.

Please email letters of permission from property owners to Anita Otterson, Town Secretary, at [email protected]

Number, size, and placement.

  • A political sign shall not exceed thirty-six (36) square feet in area nor exceed eight feet (8') in height, as measured from the ground. 
  • A political sign may not be illuminated or have any moving elements.
  • No more than one (1) of such signs for each political candidate and two (2) of such signs per issue on the election ballot shall be erected on any parcel of land.  
  • The front and back surfaces of a political sign shall constitute one (1) sign. 

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*DISCLAIMER: The pictures used on this webpage are, for example, only and do not reflect the Town of Trophy Club's support, perspective, or endorsement of any certain issue or person.