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What is Vision Zero?

Vision Zero is a data-driven strategy intended to eliminate traffic fatalities and severe injuries on all roadways, bikeways, and sidewalks. The Town of Trophy Club Vision Zero initiative strives to improve safety for everyone moving about the community, whether walking, biking, or driving, and to improve the identified high injury locations, all in an effort to prevent fatal crashes and severe injuries.

Safety starts with all of us.

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The core belief of Vision Zero is that death and injury on town streets are preventable. This approach to safety emphasizes smarter street designs that account for human error and education, data-driven enforcement, and community engagement. With the Vision Zero approach Town departments and residents work together to make community streets safer in order to reach the goal of zero deaths and serious injuries in Trophy Club.

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Trophy Club Vision Zero 2030 Action Plan PDF

Banner 2Trophy Club Vision Zero Principles

Safety - Safety for all roadway users, including bicycle and pedestrian safety. One life lost on our streets is too many.

Data-Focused - Data will drive our focus on where to invest time and money to improve the highest injury intersections and roadways.

Accountability - The Town of Trophy Club will set clear goals and objectives, as well as engage the community in outreach and collaboration to make Vision Zero a success.

Banner 2Vision Zero Approach to Reduce Traffic Fatalities

A Trophy Club Vision Zero 2030 Action Plan has been implemented with a detailed work plan including action items assigned to a targeted fiscal year for completion. Each action item and its associated tasks are given individual pages to provide easier navigation between the plan’s three pillars and the relative items. Under the Vision Zero 2030 Action Plan, work plans will be updated every even (22, 24, 26) year to make continual progress.

Vision Zero 2030 Action Plan Pillars

PointsComplete Streets – create streets with frequent, protected crossings, adequate space accommodating those walking, biking, using assistive mobility devices, and roadway features to keep all vehicles traveling at safe speeds.

MultimodalMultimodal Future – ensure that the design, construction, and operation of existing or new travel options do not create hazards and work to remove existing ones. 

Traffic LightCulture of Safety - reduce risky behaviors such as speeding and impaired driving and grow protective behaviors such as wearing seatbelts.

Banner 2What are the next steps?

  • Create a detailed Trophy Club Vision Zero 2030 Action Plan that outlines the goals and strategies that Vision Zero Trophy Club will utilize to meet the goal of zero traffic deaths. 

              Read the Trophy Club Vision Zero 2030 Action Plan 

  • Maintain an education and outreach program for the public.
  • Make Trophy Club streets and intersections safer with improvements to infrastructure.