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Budget Process F Opens in new windowTrophy Club, like other Texas municipalities, engages in developing the Proposed Budget each year. The process includes collaboration with staff and Town Council Budget Subcommittee members.

Upon review by the Budget Sub-Committee, the budget goes to Trophy Club Town Council for presentation, public hearing, and voting for use in the next fiscal year (FY). The Town of Trophy Club's FY begins October 1st and ends on September 30th.


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Budget - Dollar Breakdown


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The town’s budget has two main components, Governmental Funds, and Proprietary Funds. 

MoneyGovernmental Funds

The Governmental funds include the General Fund, which is funded primarily by property tax and is where most service-related expenditures are charged, including; Town Departmental Budgets which include Fire Department, Police Department, Parks, and Recreation Department, Community Development, Human Resources, Finance, Communications and Marketing, Streets Department, Capital Equipment Replacement Fund, and the Town Managers Office.  The Governmental Funds also include Special Revenue Funds that are funded through sales tax and/or fees, including; Crime Control Police District, Hotel Occupancy Tax Fund, Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone, Street Maintenance Fund, Municipal Court, and Parkland Dedication.  The General Fund is also where we find the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP).  These significant capital projects are funded through bond proceeds and excess General Fund reserves.

money 2Proprietary Funds

Proprietary Funds are funds run as a business using revenues generated through the services provided to fund all the expenditures charged to those funds.  Proprietary Funds within Trophy Club include the Drainage Utility Fund and the Trophy Club Park Fund. 

Finally, the Town of Trophy Club has been elected by its citizens to have an Economic Development Corporation (EDC 4B). The EDC 4B is funded through a small percentage of sales tax and is a component unit within the Town’s budget because it has its own board. Its beneficiary can be an entity outside the Town, such as a developer. 


Here you will find the Approved FY 23 Budget Detail document. Learn what's proposed in the Town budget, how they the budget is funded, and how tax dollars are spent. Explore all of the Town programs and services for the coming year here.    

money 3Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of questions that have been asked/answered for further clarification:

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money 5Remaining Timeline for the FY 2023 Budget

Below are the remaining important dates for the FY23 budget process:

August 09 Designated officer or employee submits tax rates to Town Council
FY 2023 Proposed Budget is submitted to Town Council, Public Hearing set
Set proposed (not to exceed) tax rate, Public Hearing set
August 23 Public hearing of the Budget Ordinance
Vote on Budget Ordinance
Presentation of the Infrastructure Service and Assessment Plan for the PID
September 13 Public hearing of the Tax Rate Ordinance
Vote on Tax Rate Ordinance
Resolution to approve Tax Roll
Accept and Approve Update of the Infrastructure Service and Assessment Plan for the PID
Set public hearing for the PID ESD tax rate
Resolution to accept Annual Service and Assessment Plan update for the PID
September 27 Public hearing for the PID SAP ESD
PID Rate Change
  Full FY 2023 Budget Timeline