Pet Feet in Extreme Heat

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The Trophy Club Animal Control Officer, Brian Hall, would like to provide a few tips for our pet-loving friends while out and about in the extreme heat.

While patrolling around Town in these “dog days of summer,” specifically mid-afternoon, we see many folks walking their dogs on the Town's sidewalks and concrete trails.

There is always talk about animals in parked vehicles in the hot summer and how quickly that can lead to heat stroke and even death of a beloved pet. But we never think about the HEAT on our pet’s FEET.

So we experimented with our thermo-scan device, and here’s what we found:

Actual outside temp: 104 degreesUntitled design (2)

  • Inside a PARKED CAR in full sun: 205 degrees
  • SIDEWALK full sun: 135 degrees….. in the shade: 114 degrees
  • STREET full sun: 150 degrees……. In the shade: 130 degrees
  • GRASS full sun: 114 degrees…… in the shade: 99 degrees

BOTTOM LINE: it’s HOT!! Your pet's feet do have pads, but those can quickly burn. If Fido needs to go on a walk during the hot afternoons, here are some suggestions to help spare them from the elements! 

  • CHOOSE a route with LOTS of SHADE
  • SELECT a path that is a little SHORTER than usual
  • HYDRATE your pet with LOTS of WATER
  • COOL DOWN your pet after a walk with a WET TOWEL

These simple tips could make all the difference to your four-legged friend! 

If you have questions or need more information about pet safety, please contact me at [email protected]! Stay safe, and stay COOL Trophy Club!!