Fiber Optic Cable

OneSource Fiber Optic (2)With the new Fiber Cable option coming to Trophy Club courtesy of OnceSource Communications, we know there are many questions our residents have! The Town of Trophy Club wants to help provide the community with as MUCH information as possible, please check out some questions, answers and additional information collected below.

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Fiber Optic Cable Coming to Trophy Club

OnceSourceMap Opens in new windowBeginning February 7, Hunt Communications, the contractor working with OneSource Communications is scheduled to begin construction on a new fiber optic network in certain areas throughout Trophy Club. The 5-phase plan will bring this service to more than 2,000 current residents who currently do not have access to fiber network services today. Preparatory work is currently underway.

OneSource Communications is the leading local provider of blazing-fast internet, flagship cable TV, and reliable telephone services in the Dallas-Fort Worth, TX metroplex since 1998. OneSource owns an extensive fiber optic network with offices conveniently located right in Keller. 

Once the new fiber service is operational, OneSource will provide data rates as fast as 1000 Megabytes / second (1 Gigabyte / second). OneSource offers symmetrical speeds, meaning you can upload as fast as you download, making it ideal for video conferencing, gaming and highly connected homes. Additionally, OneSource will offer Whole Home WIFI as well as optional TV and phone services. OneSource’s Gig Speed plan will be available for $69.99 a month and installation fees will be waived. All plans come with no contracts or data caps. MORE>>