Connectivity Ad Hoc Committee


The Connectivity Ad Hoc Committee is composed of five residents and serves the Town with the purpose of focusing on ways to create a more walkable, bikable, cartable community, with efforts that could reduce the number of cars on Trophy Club Streets and create sustainability goals that reduce Trophy Club’s carbon footprint.  Efforts will include the Loop Road and Pathways to focus on trail mappings, expanding connection points, and working with neighboring communities to create connectivity at town borders.   The goals could include requesting federal, state and local resources to assist with the efforts. 


  • Called by Chairwoman Megan Keohen


Agendas are available at the meeting and provided by the Chair.  This is a citizen-led Ad Hoc Committee.


Staff Liaison

The Town Manager serves as the Commission’s staff liaison. Please email the Town Manager with comments or questions.

Ad Hoc Committee

Ad Hoc Committees are created to serve a specific purpose for a specific timeframe.  Once their charge has been satisfied and they have reported their findings to Council; the Ad Hoc Committee dissolves and no further action is needed.