Inability to Pay

If you are unable to pay your fine/costs in full there may be other options such as Payment plans, Community Service or an Indigency review.    

Indigency Review

Defendant must appear and complete the form: Community Service/Payment Plan Application to have your financial situation reviewed by the Judge. Proper proof is required to be included in your application (see below). Your application will not be considered if proof is not included nor if your application is incomplete.

The following documents, if they apply, MUST be attached to support your application:

  • Current pay stub or W2 or Income Tax filing for all persons working in the household
  • Proof of Public Assistance received by anyone in the household: 
    • Housing, Food stamps
    • CHIP
    • Disability
    • Medicaid
  • Unemployment payments received by you
  • Worker’s compensation payments received by you
  • Letter from employer indicating layoff or reduction of hours received by you
  • Medical records indicating inability to work   

Community service hours will be determined if you are found Indigent by the Judge.  

Indigent – A level of poverty in which real hardship and deprivation are suffered and comforts of life are wholly lacking. Webster’s Dictionary  

Access the "Financial Hardship Review" form for Consideration of Community Service/Indigent qualification.