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Drainage issues and repairs are problems that have long faced the Town of Trophy Club. Since it's incorporation in 1985, drainage has always been a topic of discussion as evident by the creation of the Stormwater Master Plan and various other engineering studies which look deep into the towns infrastructure and its capabilities and/or defects that could be problematic in the future as the community expands.


Flooding is a coast-to-coast threat to the United States and its territories in all months of the year. Flooding typically occurs when prolonged rain falls over several days, when intense rain falls over a short period of time, or when debris impedes the flow of water under bridges, culverts, in the storm drain systems or in creeks. Flooding can also result from the failure of water control structures such as retention and detention ponds. The most common cause of flooding is water due to rain that accumulates faster than soils can absorb it and drainage systems or creeks can carry it away. Approximately seventy-five percent of all Presidential disaster declarations are associated with flooding.

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Our team is dedicated to providing timely and transparent information to our residents. That includes answering questions we receive related to drainage, flooding, responsibilities, etc. In an effort to assist ALL of our residents who may have similar questions, we will be posting the answers to ALL questions received anonymously HERE, Ask & Answer.


We want to hear from you, if you have a question or a concern that you would like addressed specifically by our Director, please don't hesitate. There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to drainage and flooding and we want to make sure you have your questions answered! Click HERE, to email Director Matt Cox.


It is important that our community stay informed and have the latest news and information regarding drainage and flooding in TC. It is our commitment to our community and those directly impacted by this flooding to provide timely and transparent information. Please check back often to see the latest relevant news HERE.