Drainage Initiative


It is important that our community stay informed and have the latest news and information regarding the planning, design, or construction of the Drainage Repair Project at Indian Creek. Please follow below and check back often to see the latest relevant news. It is our commitment to our community and those directly impacted by this flooding to provide timely and transparent information.


August 22, 2022 - Indian Creek Project Update

The original date for significant completion (90%) of the project was August 6th. This has been extended to August 26th due to the delay in getting Oncor to move a buried electrical line in the construction area. Oncor has “de-energized” the line to allow work to continue at the request of the Director of Community Development, Matt Cox, and the Town’s engineering firm.  

Once work began again, the line was found to be live, and work had to stop again. In all, Oncor stopped work in the project area for more than six weeks. Canary started work on the other end of the project to keep the project moving while crews waited for Oncor to move the necessary line.  

The project is now having delays getting concrete for one of the last concrete sections needing to be poured (the headwall for the outfall onto the golf course). Trophy Club has difficulty getting what the concrete contractors call a “small load” to the job site.  

As of August 19th, Canary has asked for a second extension for their significant completion date, moving it to September 23rd. Due to the extended periods of waiting on Oncor and delays in receiving materials, the Town believes that this extension is justified and granted the request.  

Canary is being informed that any further delays in substantial completion will result in a fine for each day past September 23rd. They have begun to replace and repair landscaping as they wait on the concrete and final pour to stay on schedule. 

Staff will talk to Canary about trash left in the construction area. Please note that large debris will not be removed until the end of the job. The project calls for all yards to be returned to their previous condition. However, homeowners will have to wait until the job is completed and debris is removed before much landscaping can be done. 

If you notice debris or have any questions or concerns, please contact the Town of Trophy Club at  [email protected]. Your patience and understanding during this time are greatly appreciated!

August 04, 2022 - Indian Creek Project Update

We are at the final stage of the Indian Creek Project. At this time, approximately 80% of the project is complete. The installation of the headwall & rock rip-rap in the back by the golf course began this week. This will also include abandoning the 48" pipe (between 22 and 20 Fair Green). This will take about two weeks. 

The landscape & irrigation restoration has also begun this week (which includes the four residential homes between Fair Green and Indian Creek). Restoration cannot begin between Fair Green and the golf course until access is no longer needed. The headwall and rock rip-rap are on the golf course property, and access is between 22 and 20 Fair Green. The estimated substantial completion (95%) date is 8/26/2022. 

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience during this work. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].

April 28, 2022 - Indian Creek Drainage Work - Update

What: This is the 2nd leg of the Indian Creek Drainage Project. This section of work will include crews digging out and removing the old drainage line, replacing it with the new 6x3 box culverts, removing old inlets and replacing them with new and longer inlets, and re-paving the section of concrete removed for the pipe installation. This section is projected to take 4-6 weeks, pending weather and unforeseen circumstances that could delay completion time.

Who: Canary Construction is the company that is out there working on the project.

Why: Canary is sending out a 2nd crew to begin work on this portion so they can try to have the whole project completed in a timely manner, especially due to the rains that Spring can bring.

When: Crews will begin work on Monday, May 2, 2022.

Where: The 2nd crew will begin work on E Hillside @ Indian Creek, and work towards Sunrise Ct.  

How: Crews will be closing the road at the intersection of Indian Creek @ E Hillside. Crews will also place a Road Closed to Thru Traffic at the intersection of Greenhill Trail S @ E Hillside. Detour signs will be placed at 2 different locations for residents and visitors. W Hillside @ Indian Creek, and Greenhill Trail S @ Indian Creek. Residents affected by this construction will still have access to their driveways. Any access to a driveway that is hindered, will have at least a 24-hour notice prior to that section of work being done.

All residents in the immediate area where the crews will be working have been given a door hanger. Door hangers were handed out on Monday, April 25, 202

Below is the Traffic Control Plan  for E. Hillside Place
Traffic Control Plan - E. Hillside Place - Trophy Club Opens in new window

April 8, 2022 - Indian Creek Drainage Work - Update

Who: Canary Construction 

What: The first section of the Indian Creek Drainage Project has begun. The first section of pipe from the golf course to Fair Green is almost complete (delays for this section to be done are due to waiting on Oncor crews to come and bury their line that is in the way by the outfall at the golf course). Crews have continued work and are about 2 weeks away from finishing the installation of the pipe to Indian Creek. 

Where: This section of drainage line runs from Indian Creek to the Golf Course 

When: The project is currently in progress. The projected completion of the pipe installation is about 2 weeks

February 14, 2022 - Town Hall Meeting - Notice

A Town Hall Meeting will be held on February 21st at 6:00 PM at Town Hall for residents to hear from TNP, the Town's contractor, and staff, regarding the Indian Creek Improvement Project. This meeting is specifically for residents located in the areas identified in this linked map.

August 10, 2021 - Administrative Update - Communication

Communications and Marketing Manager publishes designated webpages for Drainage and Flooding Issues. 

July 23, 2021 - Town Management & TNP Drive Around

Town Manager Carroll and Director Cox met with TNP to drive around and specifically visit a residence in TC to discuss construction plans upcoming related to the impact on that property. More detailed construction plans will be forthcoming in the near future.

July 12, 2021 - Administrative Update - Communication

Communications and Marketing Manager began creation of designated webpages for Drainage and Flooding Issues. After reviewing initial outline, Town Manager Carroll and Director Cox approved moving forward on the pages for more transparency and communication with items related to flooding, drainage, responsibilities and updates. 

April 13, 2021 - Town Council Meeting - TM Report

Indian Creek Drainage Update. ( S. Norwood) Town Manager Norwood reported a meeting was held with the Homeowners and Property Owners. He shared that the engineers have completed close to 80% - 85% of the design. He also mentioned that he recently met with Trophy Club Country Club to discuss the work that will be performed on their property. He reported that he discussed with the Municipal Utility District ( MUD) the relocation of a sewer line, in which the MUD did not have any objections. He added that this item will be placed on the Council Agenda in the next few months for official action to award a bid to start the project. 

May 12 - June 10, 2021 - Town Management Home Visits

Between May 12 and June 10 of 2021, former Assistant Town Manager Carroll (now Town Manager) and new Director Cox individually met with homeowners to inspect and discuss concerns at their properties. Based on these meetings the decision to create specific webpages for the community to better answer questions and provide transparent information.

January 22, 2021 - Town Council Meeting - Consent Agenda

Take appropriate action regarding Resolution 2021–05 for Notice of Intent to Issue Certificates of Obligation, Series 2021 in an amount not to exceed 4.5 million for Drainage, Parks, and Streets Projects. (M. Erwin)

December 08, 2020 - Town Council Meeting - Agenda Item

Take appropriate action for the consideration of an Engineering contract with Teague Nall& Perkins( TNP) for Phase 1 of Indian Creek Drainage not to exceed $ 106, 738.75 which would include work that has been performed to date, drainage study and surveying, and preliminary engineering yet to be billed( S. Norwood) 

Mr. Norwood reported that they are now at a point to go forward with Phase 1 for an engineering and design that may take up to 6 months; he noted that the next step is to fund Phase 1. He added that Phase 1 is at$ 1 Million and will be disruptive and challenging, as the required work will be done in between homes while working to put in large box culverts. He added that the rain will slow the project down. He shared that staff had met with residents and performed a site visit with TNP Engineers. 

Mr. Tom Rutledge of TNP presented a detailed technical power point on the drainage project. Mr. Rutledge reported how the drainage problems would be corrected utilizing completed drainage studies and computer modeling. He stated they ran several models to find one that will mitigate the flooding. He reported that to begin with; the current system is undersized. He noted that when running their model for the future; it still showed flooding, but the water does not get into the homes. 

Mr. Rutledge noted that this is only one of 3 Phases. Phase 1 is the priority that will alleviate water getting into homes. He stated that they have been providing their engineering services to the Town since 1990. The new box culverts would start at the Golf Course to Indian Creek. He stated in performing the Indian Creek Street Bond Program and working with Town Administration at the time; the town stated they did not have the sufficient funds. He noted that they are not going to have to come back and tear up the street later; as they will tie into that box culvert that was installed under Indian Creek Street during that project. He noted that drainage comes to a low point and the homes are flooding. He showed the animation of the computer model of how Indian Creek Street floods. He also noted that they looked at storm frequencies; a 10- year storm event and where that water sits. He added that with a 100- year storm; the water gets into the homes with 3. 5 ft. of water. He stated that by going all the way up to the drainage system and extend that box culvert; it will be close to what can be taken care of now to mitigate the immediate problem. In the future; consideration can be given to upsizing the system. December 8, 2020 Page 4 of 7 Mayor Pro Tern Lamont asked that said item be addressed at the Council Retreat, as there are several hotspots for flooding. Council Member Wilson asked if there was coordination with the MUD on the engineering projects in order to share the costs. Mr. Carroll responded yes; and mentioned contacting Mike regarding their street projects. Mayor Fleury stated that she was glad they were starting with Phase I. She added there is more work to be done as there are other phases and thanked Mr. Rutledge as this is a priority. 

Mayor Pro Tern Lamont moved to approve a Phase 1 Engineering Contract with Teague, Nall& Perkins for the Indian Creek Drainage not to exceed $ 106, 738. 75. Council Member Geraci seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously. 

Council Member Shoffner asked if Mr. Rutledge had brought this drainage issue to staff previously; or to Council in the past. Mr. Rutledge replied that it was in their report that was provided to staff, and were told there were not enough funds available at the time. Mr. Rutledge noted that TNP did not do this level of study at the time.

October 27, 2020 - Town Council Meeting - TM Report

Mr. Norwood reported that they have had meetings with Teague, Nall, & Perkins, the homeowners, and have conceptual plans. Phase I would address the most pressing issue along Indian Creek, where the water all converges on the street. He stated that ideally they would have to go up on Hillside Street to capture the drainage but noted that this was not a recommendation. He noted that it was not addressed when Indian Creek was done as it was a separate project and there were insufficient funds to address. In order to address the drainage issue; the estimate is in the range of $ 2- 2. 5 million. He added that in the next month, they would be looking to make final recommendations to Council who will make the final decision to address this and have the engineers come up with a design. He noted that Tom Rutledge of Teague, Nall & Perkins would be in attendance for said council meeting. 

July 28, 2020 - Town Council Meeting - Public Comments

Town Secretary Vacek confirmed there were five speakers registered under Public Comment to speak on matter of flooding at Indian Creek; and Mayor Sanders called upon the citizens registered.

Mr. Carleton Parker of 620 Indian Creek Drive addressed the Council regarding flooding and drainage at his street and home. He distributed a presentation showing pictures of his concern from the flooding experience. He stated that when he moved into their home 21 years ago; there were no flooding issues. He referenced the 1981 Flood Map which indicated that their area does flood. He noted that the flooding is man- made and never had flooding issues prior to 2007. He mentioned in 2019 their street was under construction for drainage improvements and referenced a photo of a pile of wood ( from their street construction) that was pulled out after removing the street drainage lid. He noted flooding incidents in 2007, 2014, 2018 and 2020; as it is a regular occurrence. He mentioned that after the street construction that was to have fixed the drainage problem; the standing water was even higher

Tanya ( Luka) Kravutske of 22 Fair Green Drive addressed the Council regarding the flooding events at their home while referencing a presentation. They purchased their home in 2007 and the previous owner had to deal with a flood prior to closing on it. They were told this was a once in a lifetime event. She indicated that they have considered moving due to these flooding events. She added that heavier rainfall gushes down from 3 directions to their home. She added that walking down the street can be fatal and is dangerous. In more recent years; their neighborhood has grown but no drainage has been added. She mentioned that it takes about 14 inches of water to get into their home and having to deal with a flooded home in the middle of the night is worse. She said that they invested in French drains around their house and a pump to remove water from their house. She explained that on June 23rd; they had 14 inches of water in their home at 5: 15am. Their home was damaged as well as landscape; and 90% of their home was not usable. She stated that it was a$ 7, 000 cash bill for restoration services the next morning to place 52 fans and 3 dehumidifiers in their home. She mentioned initiating a claim with the city and no doubt future damages will be had if the city does not fix these flooding issues immediately. She mentioned their home value is decreasing and their anxiety is increasing. She asked if they moved, who would buy their home; the city may have to. 

Rannell DeGuzman of 618 Indian Creek Drive, stated that their area and their home was flooded a second time since they moved in, November, 1998. The first flood occurred in June, 2007 and never had any type of flooding along that segment of Indian Creek. He stated that it was so devastating the first time their home flooded due to all the damage that occurred. In the last four years; there have been other flooding events that did not make it into their home until the June, 2020 rain storm. He mentioned having to deal with flooding inside their home. 

Dick( Su) Sherwood of 17 Fair Green Drive referred to charts on page 2, 3,& 4 within his presentation. He referenced a copy of the 1981 Flood Plan for Trophy Club and called attention to the arrows showing where the excess water is to go does in fact go onto his yard. He said this was the plan in 1981 which covered 48. 3 acres of property that was draining into his home. On page 4; he referenced the yellow arrows for the flow of the water that comes from his back neighbor and both sides in the form of a river with 8 storm drains that feed into the pipe. The 8 storm drains feed into a 42 inch culvert which cannot handle the amount of water received during heavy rains. He referenced page 8 showing water in his back yard at 23 inches deep. He noted their first major flooding was in 2014. He stated that the retaining wall along the back of their yard which they invested in, did not help. He said they had an enhanced drain placed on the east side, for the full length of their home. In 2015, they were flooded again; and in 2018, they had water in their home again. He stated that he cemented his entire backyard with a cement swell. June 23, 2020, they received 4 inches in 45 minutes and it flooded the entire downstairs of their home. He stated that he appreciated some of the options to solving the flooding problem and that they are looking for some help with the expenses they have had to incur. 

Jilliand Maughan of 15 Fair Green stated that they purchased their house in 2013 and had no idea that it would flood. She said they learned quickly that their backyard flooded. They noted a dry creek bed or reservoir behind their home. She mentioned they spent$ 120, 000 on their pool in 2019 and an additional$ 40,000 on a suitable drainage system to process the runoff. She stated that there is so much flood water that backs- up into their pool that their pool company may be dropping them from service due to the constant cleaning, and chemicals. She mentioned that the pool company stated that it is not their issue since the runoff is coming from the street. She referenced the pictures of the pool and damage with the last flood in June. She also mentioned one of the scariest flooding events occurred in September, 2018; when they returned from dinner. Their street closed on the east side due to the flood. When they arrived; there was water flowing into their home and garage. She stated their fear now is with a pool; the water is redirected to the neighbor' s house. 

Mayor Sanders thanked everyone that came out and stated that the Town Manager has contacted Engineers to be responsive before the next rain.

December 10, 2019 - Town Council Meeting - Agenda Item

Receive an update and provide direction regarding the Drainage Masterplan Update and Skyline Creek Channel Feasibility Study ( S. Norwood).

Director of Community Development Uzee introduced Mark Scheurer and Wylie Gorup with Freese and Nichols, who would be presenting the Skyline Creek Improvements Feasibility Study. Mr. Scheurer advised that they updated the 2012 Master Plan to reflect recent improvements to help with erosion and help reduce the floodplain in the area. They identified structural flood risk, evaluated alternative culvert operation scenarios at Indian Creek Drive, and developed channel improvement alternatives for Skyline Creek. He displayed photos of existing conditions where that was sedimentation occurring up and downstream of Indian Creek Drive, which has reduced the culvert capacity. There was a sanitary sewer line and manhole exposed in the channel. Also, the channel was heavily influenced by various in-channel structures and bank stabilization systems. In 2014, the culvert on Indian Creek Drive was constructed as a four 8’x7’ box culvert system and the current operation was a three 8’x5’ box culvert system. He explained that there were four structures in the 10-year floodplain and there were 14 structures in the 100- year floodplain. Indian Creek Drive and TW King Road both overtopped in 10-year and 100- year event. The existing condition was that the downstream channel conditions controlled the flow through the culvert; therefore he advised that opening the fourth culvert would not help the area. Proposed alternatives were to: remove structures and bridges from 100- year floodplain; lower channel flowline approximately two feet to realize full culvert capacity at Indian Creek Drive; widen the channel section 30 to 50 feet; install MSE with toe wall to replace the existing retaining walls; acquire easement from homeowners to construct and maintain improvements; and require individual permit and coordination with the United States Army Corps of Engineers. Alternative No. 1 would cost approximately $ 4.3 million to have 940 linear feet channel improvements and culvert improvements at Indian Creek Drive to have four 8’x7’ box culverts. Alternative No. 2 would cost approximately $ 5.9 million to have 1,325 linear feet channel improvements, culvert improvements at Indian Creek Drive to have four 8’x7’ box culverts, and culvert improvements at TW King Road to have three 12’ x7’ box culverts. A 100- year channel improvement may be cost prohibitive at this time. The current Federal Emergency Management Agency ( FEMA) floodplain did not accurately depict those in the floodplain; therefore a short- term correction would be a Conditional Letter of Map Revision ( CLOMR) and continue to perform maintenance of vegetation and debris. 

Mayor Sanders inquired if the Town would keep track of the hours spent maintaining the creek area in order to charge the Stormwater Drainage Utility fund. Town Manager Norwood confirmed the Town would charge that to the Stormwater Drainage Utility fund. 

Mayor Sanders asked what the estimated cost would be to perform a CLOMR. Mr. Scheurer responded that it would be roughly $ 30,000 to $40,000. 

Mayor Pro Tem Jensen asked if the Staff recommendation was to continue maintenance of the creek. Town Manager Norwood confirmed that was correct. 

Mayor Sanders and Council Member Fleury agreed to move forward with the Staff recommendation to continue to maintain the creek. No action was taken on this item.