Citizen Survey

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Trophy Club strives to be the best in service delivery and in order to monitor its progress in meeting residents’ needs, the Town endeavors to engage in a biennial citizen survey. 

The survey results and analyses will provide Town Council and Town staff with information that can be used to make sound, strategic decisions in a variety of areas, including service improvements and enhancements, measuring and tracking projects, budgeting, policy and planning. 

The survey results and statistical data are compiled and provided by the Town’s survey partner EMC Research. The survey was conducted using the convenience sample process. This sampling method, which is commonly used in these types of surveys, was used for the 2021 Citizen Survey so the Town can allocate its budget dollars toward research and so any Trophy Club resident could participate.

Results of the 2021 Citizen Survey

More than 1,014 residents participated in the survey, which was open from April 06, to May 05, 2021. The good news, many of the residents are very satisfied with Town services and the Town’s quality of life. 95% of the residents say that things are going in the right direction in Trophy Club and 84% say the sense of community is strong. 

Many residents are also satisfied with the Town’s emergency services, with 89% of respondents satisfied with the Fire Department/EMS Services and 90% satisfied with Police Services. What isn’t satisfactory for many was traffic safety and street maintenance. 

2021 Citizen Survey Highlights:

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2021 Citizen Survey Full Summary:


2021 Citizen Survey Presentation to Council: