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TC Alerts is the mass notification system that the Town of Trophy Club uses to keep you informed about emergencies, weather alerts, and other important news notices within the community.

Icon RedandBlueAbout the Service:

TC Alerts works through ReGroup and is used to communicate important messages regarding the safety and/or welfare of the community. Examples include water service emergencies, lost children or seniors, and hazardous situations that impact the safety, property, or welfare of our residents andstorm Opens in new window businesses.

This service allows Town officials to send out emergency notifications by phone*, text, email, and other contact methods quickly. In addition to notifications related to emergency situations, residents, businesses, and other community members can also choose to receive non-emergency notifications about community events, activities, and important updates. Those who opt-in to receive non-emergency messages may choose whether to receive messages by phone*, email, and/or text message.

*Phone calls related to TC Alerts will only be sent in EMERGENCY situations (i.e. lost child/senior or community welfare event). Calls to your home or mobile device will NOT be made for non-emergency or weather-related situations.

Notifications will be sent with information as the news is released unless otherwise noted. Most notifications will NOT be sent on a scheduled weekly/bi-weekly/monthly basis (i.e. every Friday). They are sent in real-time. The exception to this is for notifications related to regularly scheduled meetings, such as Town Council. 

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Available Notification Channels Include:

Trophy Club Alerts Flyer_icon1Community Connections Blog
This channel sends notifications containing messages/information provided DIRECTLY from the Mayor and Council member, such as blog updates, Town Council Meeting Recaps, etc. 
These notifications are generally sent once or twice per month.

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Emergency Alerts
This channel sends notifications such as public safety alerts, weather event emergencies, and other emergency-related news. 
These notifications only go out in true emergency situations and are generally once or twice per year.

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Meeting Schedule & Agendas
This channel sends notifications such as reminders, changes, agendas, etc. for Town Council, Boards, and Commission meetings. 
These notifications are generally sent before each scheduled meeting date, roughly one - four times per month.

Trophy Club Alerts Flyer_icon5TC News
This channel sends notifications such as news flash information, special event (day of) reminders, trash & recycling schedule changes, office/holiday closures, road construction notices, volunteer opportunities, election news, etc. 
These notifications are sent out the most often, generally three-five per month.

Trophy Club Alerts Flyer_icon6Weather
This channel sends notifications from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Quiet hours have been set from 10 PM - 7 AM for each weather event, with the exception of Tornado watches/warnings
These notifications are sent out based on weather conditions and vary.

The below systems have been identified as the most frequent weather events that happen in the TC area. 

FireFire Weather
(Watch & Warning)
(Watch & Warning)
Severe WeatherStorm
(Watch & Warning)
Severe Weather
Severe Thunderstorm
(Watch & Warning)

Wind WarningWind 

(Watch & Warning)
Winter Weather AdvisoryWinter Weather 
Winter WeatherWinter Storm
(Watch & Warning)
(Watch & Warning)

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