When visiting Trophy Club Park, you are not only visiting various landscape scenery among other amenities, you are visiting one of the most popular lakes in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Lake Grapevine is one of the hottest spots to fish and enjoy time with family and/or friends. 

Grapevine lake map finalGrapevine Lake has a number of fish species including:

  • Large-mouth bass Two Men on a Fishing Boat
  • Spotted bass
  • White bass
  • White crappie
  • Channel catfish 
  • Alligator gar

Weather Update

Please visit our main page HERE or call our rainout line at 682-237-2935 for the most up-to-date information on park closures due to inclement weather.


  • Entry Fee: Per vehicle paid at the park entrance
    • Resident: $2.00
    • Non-Resident: $5.00
  • Boat Fee: Per vehicle with boat paid at the park entrance
    • Resident: $5.00
    • Non-Resident: $10.00 

*Please use exact change

Man Fishing on Boat