Visit Trophy Club Park if you are searching for a horseback riding experience where open and wooded trails collaboratively offer breathtaking scenery. Enjoy the fresh air that travels from Lake Grapevine, filtering through nature while riding through miles of trails. TCP equestrian trails are open year-round during designated park hours.

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Entry Fee: $3.00 per horse paid at the park entrance (please use exact change).


At Marshall Creek Ranch, experienced riders will take you on the trot of a lifetime. Within the wooded acres surrounding beautiful Lake Grapevine, you will encounter gorgeous towering Cottonwood trees, lush pines, and abundant wildlife. As you make your way to tMCR Signhe lake, you will cross creeks, traverse changing terrain, and maneuver through heavily wooded hills.

No worries if you are a greenhorn. They are very adept at handling beginner riders. This is not the type of riding where you are following behind twenty other horses in a large pasture. You will be riding rustic, traditional trails. You could be heading out to the awesome lakeshore, or on windy or colder days, heading to the western trails, staying deep in the mystical woods and out of the wind. 

The riding is fantastic and the wildlife is exciting, so whether you are Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced, CLICK HERE for more details and information on Marshall Creek Ranch!

Equestrian Riders At the Lake


If you lose an item while out riding the trails, send us an email to [email protected] and we will try to help you locate it or let you know if it was turned in.