Mountain Bike RiderTrophy Club Park offers a mountain bike trail system great for the beginner to intermediate rider. There are approximately two miles of trails that are enjoyable to the rider as the majority adjoins Lake Grapevine.

The entire trail system can be ridden in a loop which begins near the entrance of the park and without navigational error. 

Once you begin riding on the trailhead, ride north until you reach the boat ramp. Stay on the road heading east until you approach the Lakeview Trail (Mountain Bike Trail Sign) and continue until reaching Old Bridge Trail which will lead you back the beginning of your journey.


Bike Handle BarsThe following are the costs associated with entry into Trophy Club Park. Use of the trails of course is FREE!

  • General Entry: Vehicle entry fee into the park paid at park entrance (please use exact change)
    • Resident: $2.00
    • Non-Resident: $5.00


At some point, you’ve probably ridden with two different types of mountain bikers: lackadaisical riders who never carry enough and doomsday preppers who have massive bags with every piece of gear for every mechanical. Most riders fall somewhere in between these two and will refine their setups as they become more experienced. So what do you take?

What you choose to carry on your rides comes down to the type of riding you’re doing, your experience, and whether you’re alone or with friends. A rider going out for a quick jaunt with friends probably doesn’t need to carry as much as a rider going on a solo mission. To give you some inspiration for your own riding pack, here are two different suggestions for what to take on your ride. 

What to pack MB SContents for a SHORTER RIDE -

  • Phone, wallet, keys
  • Multi-tool with a chain-breaker
  • Tire plug kit
  • Co2 inflater with two cartridges
  • Chain quick link

Contents for a LONGER RIDE -

  • Phone, wallet, key
  • Granola bar(s)
  • What to pack MBA very small multi-tool
  • Co2 inflator with 2 cartridges
  • Spare tube
  • Tire lever
  • Cleat bolts
  • Zip ties
  • A small roll of duct tape with a hair tie wrapped around it
  • Rain shell (when the weather calls for it)


If you lose and item while out and about on the trails, send us an email to [email protected] and we will try to help you locate it or let you know if it was turned in.