Trophy Club Park (TCP) is home to some of the BEST tracks and trails for ATV/MOTOCROSS in Dallas/Fort Worth. Whether you are wanting to ride for a couple of hours or would like to stay for the day, Trophy Club Park is the place to be. Our family-oriented park offers riders of various ages and abilities diverse riding opportunities, which include a constantly maintained ATV/MOTOCROSS track and a “youth” track for younger riders to enjoy.

In addition, for the trail riding enthusiast, we offer some of the BEST views of Grapevine Lake because, unlike so many other parks and trails, the vast majority of ours are waterside.

UTV models and other similar vehicles are prohibited on TCP tracks and trails.

The ATV track and trails are open year-round during designated park hours.Two Moto X riders and One ATV rider

Trophy Club Park DOES NOT offer ATV rentals; visitors must BRING THEIR OWN vehicle/ATV in order to ride in the park.

Park Status & Weather Updates

Check the park's status before you visit! Call the Trophy Club Parks & Recreation Rainout Line at (682)214-6024, option 1 or check online on our Rainout & Weather Closure page.


Pass TypeResident FeeNon-Resident Fee
OHV Decal$20.00/vehicle$20.00/vehicle
ATV/MOTOCROSS (Weekdays: Mon-Fri)$15.00/vehicle$25.00/vehicle
ATV/MOTOCROSS (Weekends: Sat-Sun)$15.00/vehicle$30.00/vehicle
MX/ATV Pass (10 ATV/MOTOCROSS Entries)$130.00$175.00


  1. No riders under the age of 16 are allowed without a Parent/Guardian.
  2. Riders must have a current OHV Decal in plain view on ATV or Motorcycle.
  3. UTV models are prohibited on TCP tracks and trails.
  4. Park and Ride only in Designated Areas.
  5. No riding on the main park roads – For cars and trucks only.
  6. Helmets must be worn at all times.
  7. No double riding.
  8. Riders are expected to follow all ATV/Motorcycle manufacturers’ safety warnings.
  9. Posted speeds must be followed while not within the trail system.
  10. No alcoholic beverages or drugs are allowed on the premises.
  11. Disturbing, harassing, or chasing wildlife is prohibited.
  12. All trails and tracks are ONE WAY ONLY. Markers on each trail/track indicate the direction of traffic.
  13. All riders must stay on designated trails at all times; follow all directional markings and park signs within the trail system.
  14. Reckless or dangerous riding that could be harmful to self or others is not permitted.
  15. Respect other riders and pass with caution.
  16. Failure to Follow Trophy Club Park Rules Can Result in Temporary or Permanent EXPULSION FROM PARK!

Enjoy Trophy Club Park and experience nature and soMoto X bike leaning on a signme “airtime” at the same time!


If you lose an item while out riding the trails, send us an email to [email protected] and we will try to help you locate it or let you know if it was turned in.