Charter Review Commission


The Council shall appoint a Charter Review Commission at intervals of not more than ten (10) years. The Commission shall consist of nine (9) qualified voters of the Town. Each council member shall appoint one member to serve on the Charter Review Commission, and the remaining members shall be appointed by vote of the Council. The Commission shall review the Town Charter and make Charter amendment recommendations, where appropriate, that will help protect or enhance the rights, powers, and benefits of all Trophy Club residents. It shall be the duty of the Charter Review Commission to:

(a) Inquire into the operation of the Town government under the Charter and determine whether any provisions require revision. To this end, public hearings may be held;

(b) Propose any recommendations it deems desirable to ensure compliance with this Charter;

(c) Propose amendments to this Charter to improve its effective application to current conditions; and

(d) Report its findings and present its proposed amendments to the Town Council.

The Council shall receive and have published in the Town’s official newspaper the Charter Review Commission’s final report. It shall consider any recommendations and, if any amendments are presented, may order the amendment or amendments submitted to the voters of the Town.

The term of office of the Commission shall be six (6) months or longer if extended by the Council and at the completion of such term, a report of the proceedings of the Commission shall be filed with the Town Secretary and shall become public record.

Staff Liaison

The Town Manager serves as the Commission’s staff liaison. Please email the Town Manager with comments or questions.