Town Council Meeting Recaps

Town Council Chambers

We appreciate your keen interest in the Trophy Club Town Council Meetings. This page will provide summary recaps highlighting the prominent topics discussed during the Town Council meetings.

Meeting recaps are typically posted to the website within two days after each meeting.  Please note these are short action updates and are not intended to replace the official meeting minutes. 

More Information:

Have questions? Please contact the Town Secretary's Office at 682.237.2988 or via email at [email protected]. You can also email Mayor and Council directly at [email protected].

Town Council Meeting Recaps

June 13, 2023Regular Session
June 27, 2023Regular Session
July 12, 2023Special Session
July 25, 2023Regular Session
July 31, 2023Special Session
August 10, 2023Special Session
August 14, 2023Regular Session
August 28, 2023Regular Session
August 31, 2023Special Session
September 06, 2023Special Joint EDC 4B Session
September 11, 2023Regular Session