Freedom Dog Park

About Freedom Dog Park

Freedom Dog Park is an 8.3 acre dedicated "leash free" zone for our canine friends as well as a Dino playground for little ones to explore in.

Location: 2675 Trophy Park Dr. Trophy Club, TX 76262

Freedom Dog Park

Freedom Dog Park

Freedom Dog Park is an 8.3 acre dedicated "leash free" zone for our canine friends. The park includes large and small dog fenced sections to help ensure pet safety by grouping like-sized dogs in separate fenced areas. Small and large dogs have the opportunity to enjoy separate training and agility courses that provide the opportunity to work together as a team. Additionally, a wooded natural section and open areas allow dogs and owners relief from the heat while enjoying a true outdoor experience. Other amenities include dog water fountains, wash-out areas, two shaded pavilions, and sitting areas.

NOTE: Please do not take plastic pools to Freedom Dog Park. Pools of water might be refreshing to dogs, but can be a safety issue to humans (colorful, plastic pools are enticing to kiddos).

Park Status & Weather UpdatesTwo dogs running

Check the park's status before you visit! Call the Trophy Club Parks & Recreation Rainout Line at (682)214-6024, option 5 or check online on our Rainout & Weather Closure page.

Please Note: Freedom Dog Park will be closed every Thursday for maintenance.

Freedom Dog Park Guidelines:

  • Dogs must be licensed and have current rabies vaccinations on their tags.
  • Dogs to remain on-leash while entering and exiting the designated area.
  • Owners are to stay within the park and within view of their dogs.
  • Any dog exhibiting aggressive behavior must be removed immediately.
  • Owners are liable for damage or injury inflicted by their dogs.
  • Owners must have a visible leash at all times.
  • Owners are responsible for removal and disposal of feces of their pets.
  • All children must be under strict supervision and an adult must accompany those under the age of 12.
  • No puppies under 4 months of age.
  • Dogs "in heat" are not allowed.
  • Park users and dog owners assume all risk related to dog park use.
  • Small dog area is for animals less than 35 lbs only. Small dogs may play in the large dog area at their own risk, but it is not recommended.
  • Owners shall be responsible for any damage done by their dog.
  • No food allowed in the dog park.

What should I do about an aggressive dog or to report a dog bite?

Call Trophy Club Animal Control Officer, Brian Hall at 682-237-2969. It is up to users of Freedom Dog Park to police each other, in a friendly manner, to keep the dog park safe for all. 

Dino Playground

Freedom Dog Park draws on the imagination as children can climb and explore the giant skeleton bones of the prehistoric behemoth. Two decks provide look-out points for the youngsters with slides for a quick escape! The lifelike play experience also includes a hatched egg for climbing, tunneling, and hiding. The playground features four swings, multiple slides, a large sandbox and is covered by a shade structure.

Dino Playground

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Other Information

If you have a maintenance issue, please call: 682.237.2923

*Freedom Dog Park will be CLOSED every Thursday for maintenance

*The park will close for inclement weather. Saturated and muddy turf can cause a safety issue for patrons and their pets. For more information, please contact [email protected].