Strategic Vision

In order to set the course for the work we do each year, Trophy Club has created a document called a Strategy Map. The Strategy Map captures the Town’s strategy in a single diagram and identifies those things that are necessary to achieve the mission. The Town’s adopted Strategy Map (pictured below) includes the Vision, Mission, Focus Areas, Objectives and Core Values. Our Strategy Map tells the story of not only what our strategic vision is but also how the Town intends to meet those objectives.

Strategy Map

Town Strategy Map

Core Values

In 2022, as the Town Manager was working on creating a strategic direction with staff, the Council brainstormed a series of value statements that they wanted the Town organization to adhere to. After further discussing these statements and pairing them down to a select few they drafted values definitions. Those agreed upon values are shown below:

  • Innovation: We strive to make significant improvements to public administration and/or the services provided to the community.
  • Integrity: We work towards the consistent alignment of, and adherence to, shared ethical values, principles and norms for upholding and prioritizing the public interest over private interests for the Town of Trophy Club.
  • Service: We work hard with dedication and respect for our residents and strive for excellence in the service of others.
  • Stewardship: We exercise integrity in upholding the highest ethical standards and promote trust and confidence in those we serve and serve with.
  • Teamwork: We treat one another with respect and dignity, fostering a harmonious and cohesive environment that promotes well-being and happiness for all. 

Since these values were adopted, they have become the banner statement for what is expected of our Town Council members, Town employees, as well as all other Town volunteers.