Boards & Commissions



The Town's Boards, Commissions, and Corporations are comprised of resident volunteers who advise the Town Council on policy development and administration of services. Members must be a resident and qualified voter of the Town of Trophy Club at the time of appointment.

Current TC Boards and Commissions:

Want To Get Involved?

The Town relies extensively upon the expertise of residents who serve on Town Boards, Commissions, and Corporations. Volunteers are an important part of the community since Trophy Club was incorporated in 1985. We are blessed with amazing volunteers and hope the tradition of an active resident volunteer base in Trophy Club continues. Please apply if you have the time, passion, and/or interest to serve on any Board, Commission, or Corporation. Thanking you in advance for your service!

Please email the Town Governance Officer or call 682-237-2903 with any questions.


Applicants for Boards, Commissions, or Corporations must be United States Citizens, Registered Voter, and a Trophy Club Resident 6 months prior to their appointment. Based upon good cause shown, Town Council may waive the voter registration and/or length of residency for an applicant except where restricted by State Law.  Per the Town Charter; Board, Commission, or Corporation Members may not serve concurrently on the Town Council.  


The Town Council is the appointing authority for all Boards, Commissions, and Corporation positions. Interviews may be conducted as necessary by the Town Council.


If a member of a Board, Commission, or Corporation fails to attend 3 consecutive regular meetings without being excused by the Board, Commission, or Corporation, that member’s appointment may be declared forfeited by the Town Council. A member who is unable to attend a meeting shall notify the Town Governance Officer of his/her inability to continue to serve or shall provide an explanation of the conflict or other reason..