Water Conservation & Restrictions

Water FaucetRapid growth in North Texas, warmer temperatures, and drought conditions require local, regional, and state governments to reevaluate water conservation efforts. Trophy Club is positioned to grow as the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex doubles in population from six million to 12 million residents by 2033. North Texas’s continued population growth will require large amounts of water reserves each year to keep pace with demand.

The town has made an effort to reduce watering in several ways, including working to follow watering restriction guidelines, installing xeriscape landscaping in medians and using effluent water when possible. When street construction occurs, new medians have xeriscaped design features installed with drought-tolerant plants, decomposed granite as opposed to turf, hardscape features such as boulders and rocks and drip irrigation systems.

Trophy Club residents participating in water conservation efforts will help ensure that reserves are available for future generations. Thank you for helping to conserve water!

Trophy Club Drought Contingency and Emergency Water Management Plan

The Trophy Club Municipal District Number 1 (TC MUD 1) buys water wholesale from the City of Fort Worth and resells the water to TC MUD 1 customers. TC MUD Number 1 has adopted a Water Conservation Plan and Drought Contingency and Emergency Water Management Plan for citizens of Trophy Club who reside outside of the Public Improvement District (PID). View the Current Water Quality Report here. This information can be found online.

For residents who reside within the PID, the Town of Trophy Club Town Council adopted a similar Water Conservation Plan (PDF) and Drought Contingency and Emergency Water Management Plan (PDF) on April 22, 2014.

Stage 1 Water Restrictions Effective Year Roundsprinkler

The Town of Trophy Club and Trophy Club Municipal Utility District Number 1 (TC MUD 1) is implementing Stage 1 water restrictions effective April 22, 2014, due to low water supply levels. Below average precipitation and higher than normal temperatures since 2011 have resulted in a multi-year drought. Since officials expect to reach the 75% level of available water supply by early June, the City of Fort Worth, the TC MUD 1 water supplier, has initiated Stage 1 of the Drought Plan.

The primary goal for Stage 1 restrictions is to significantly reduce outdoor watering, which can generally account for around 50% of the daily residential water used during the summer. In Trophy Club, the amount of water used by residents for outdoor irrigation during the summer has risen over the years and is closer to 70% of daily residential use.

Stage 1 restrictions prohibit non-essential water uses like hosing paved areas and buildings, with certain exceptions. Allowing water runoff or other waste, including failure to fix a leak or broken sprinkler head, is also prohibited. Vehicle washing is limited to using a handheld bucket or hose equipped with a positive pressure shutoff nozzle or at a commercial car wash.

Sprinklers or Irrigation Systems During Stage 1

During Stage 1, customers may water with sprinklers or irrigation systems twice per week.

  • Residential addresses ending in even numbers (2, 4, 6, 8, or 0) may water on Wednesday and Saturday
  • Those ending in odd numbers (1, 3, 5, 7, or 9) may water on Thursday and Sunday
  • All non-residential locations (commercial, apartments, parks, etc.) may water on Tuesday and Friday
  • No watering is permitted on Monday

Customers may water foundations and newly installed shrubs and trees for up to two hours on any day using a handheld hose, soaker hose, or drip irrigation system. Establishing new turf is discouraged, but if hydro-mulch, grass sod, or grass seed is installed to establish a new lawn, there are no restrictions for the first 30 days.

All customers are encouraged to use native and drought-tolerant plants in landscaping and to reduce the frequency of draining and refilling swimming pools.

More Information

For more information, please visit the Trophy Club Municipal Utility District Number 1 Website or call 682-831-4600.

Water Conservation Resources

  • Trinity River Watershed - Trophy Club and Denton County, along with 38 additional counties, receive their water from the Trinity River Watershed. Learn about the Trinity River Watershed.
  • Save Tarrant Water - The Tarrant Regional Water District manages a conservation campaign that provides data regarding water supplies in the region, as well as public education tools and resources. Learn more about Save Tarrant Water Website.
  • Home Water Use Survey - This easy, quick survey allows residents to see how much water is used inside and outside of the home. Take the Home Water Use Survey.
  • Water Smart - A resource for residents to learn how to use less water and save money. Find out more information about Water Smart Website.