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The Trophy Club Emergency Volunteer Association (TCEVA) serves under the umbrellas of both the Trophy Club Police and Fire Departments. It is a 501(c)(3) organization that utilizes its funds to support Trophy Club’s first responders through the purchase of equipment, supplies, and training, as well as participation in various programs. Some of these programs include:

  • Citizen On Patrol (COP)The Trophy Club Citizens On Patrol consists of volunteers who have completed the Citizen’s Police Academy and the COP class. Citizen On Patrol duties include:
    • Driving Patrols - General patrol around the Town looking for suspicious activity. Patrols include house checks, business checks, and school and park checks.
    • Traffic Direction: Assist patrol officer(s) by directing traffic at the scene of an accident, power outage or special event. Ongoing safety and refresher training are offered on a regular basis. COP’s are trained volunteers, they are not Peace Officers.
  • Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT)  The team assists the community by providing disaster preparedness education to the public through safety fairs, assisting first responders in searching for missing persons, and responding during a disaster to assist emergency services responders. In addition to disaster response, CERT teams also assist in: 
    • Missing Person Searches
    • Public Safety Fairs
    • Firefighter Rehab
    • And many others. 

Emergency Services (Fire, EMS, Police) can be overwhelmed and their resources stretched in the immediate hours after a disaster. CERT is trained to step in and assist (upon request) in the immediate hours after the disaster as well as collecting damage assessment information. For more CERT information please CLICK HERE.

  • First Responder Rehab (REHAB) Firefighting is a strenuous job, carried out in all weather conditions. The risk of heat stress to firefighters is critically high, so the Fire Department formed its own Fire Rehab volunteer program. The team’s purpose is to ensure that the physical condition of personnel at an emergency scene or training exercise does not deteriorate to a point that affects the operation’s safety and integrity.

    Upon request, the team members respond to fire scenes to provide rehab support to firefighters. Rehab members respond in a specially equipped vehicle that contains fans, cooling chairs, drinks and other supplies needed to keep firefighters hydrated. The need for these on-scene rehab efforts cannot be understated: they protect the firefighters’ health and safety.

TCEVA volunteers either live or work in Trophy Club and come from various professional and personal backgrounds. Many have additional training and certifications, which allow individuals to volunteer in several different programs while assisting the town with emergencies and public events.