Citizens on Patrol

The Trophy Club Citizens on Patrol consists of volunteers who have completed the Citizen’s Police Academy, COP class, as well as additional training to prepare them to drive a Town vehicle, observing and reporting on suspicious activity. Citizen On Patrol duties include:

  • Driving Patrols - General patrol around the Town looking for suspicious activity. Patrols include house checks, business checks, and school and park checks.

  • Traffic Direction: Assist patrol officer(s) by directing traffic at the scene of an accident, power outage or special event. Ongoing safety and refresher training are offered on a regular basis. COP’s are trained volunteers, they are not Peace Officers.


If you are interested in volunteering in this manner, you will need to first complete a Citizen’s Police Academy class. You can apply by submitting this online form (PDF) or calling our Community Service Officer at 682-237-2957.

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