Crime Prevention

Most people find themselves wondering what exactly is Crime Prevention and what does it mean to them.

Crime prevention is the process of protecting yourself, your family, your residence and your property from crime and the fear of crime. This page will show you different ways of doing this, as well as notify you of classes, seminars or web-enabled training for your safety and well being.

Public Education

The department understands that a well-informed community is a well-protected community and that crime trends in the Trophy Club area has dictated the need for a Crime Prevention Officer solely dedicated to inform and educate the public and business stakeholders in personal safety. Crime prevention, identity theft, fraud, and other serious crime as well as to collaborate with other agencies and community groups and to develop programs designed to foster community involvement in deterring and preventing crime.

Knowledge & Tools

People need to be empowered with the knowledge and tools to protect their families by deterring crime and having a readily identifiable resource to address their concerns and to assist them in taking realistic measures to ensure the safety of their families and security of their property.


“It takes a village to raise a child” is a popular proverb with a clear message: the whole community has an essential role to play in the growth and development of its young people. Much like this, it takes a community to have an effect on crime in that crime prevention is everyone’s business from Children, youth and adults to the Criminal Justice Community and Business Leaders. Each person has a stake in the prevention of crime and each person can help.

Additional Information

In the coming months, this webpage will be developed to include information from avoiding specific fraud schemes to how to secure your home and vehicles.

Programs & Services

The Crime Prevention Officer is a readily accessible resource for the public. Services include:
  • Bicycle Safety
  • Business Security and Inspections
  • Citizens on Patrol
  • Citizens Police Academy
  • Crime Prevention and Education
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
  • Golf Cart Safety and Inspection
  • Home Security and Inspections
  • Home Vacation Watch Program
  • Identity Theft Strategies and Reporting
  • National Night Out
  • Neighborhood Watch
  • Safety Fairs
  • School Resource Officers
  • Take Home / Silver Alert