Open Records Requests

The Trophy Club Police Department maintains records generated from police action or response of the Trophy Club Police including arrest, offense, and accident reports. Copies of reports may be obtained by contacting the Police Department during normal business hours. The majority of information contained in police reports is considered public information by law and is available to citizens and the media with some limitations.

Open Records Request Form

An Open Records Request Form is a document that permits Town personnel to more efficiently respond to a request for documents.

Information Not Available

The following types of information are not public and will either not be provided or will be redacted from reports that are provided:

  • All information related to a juvenile involved in a criminal act,
  • Names of victims of sex crimes and details related to these crimes,
  • The names of suspects involved in a criminal offense who have not yet been arrested,
  • Information pertaining to an ongoing investigation if the release of the information could prevent the arrest and prosecution of a suspect,
  • All information relating to child abuse victims.


Individuals needing copies of records or documents should submit an Open Records Request Form to the Police Department. Texas law permits 10 business days to reply to a public information request and some fees may be required depending on the number of copies and time involved to research the information.